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                 By Susan Keenan
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Hostage, by Susan Keenan, is a written, but never filmed
writer's script from the actual TV series Emergency!

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From: "patti keiper" <>
Date: Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:01 am
Subject: Hostage- Opening Tease Scene..

Hostage©,  Mark VII Limited© and Universal Studios© Production # 37411
Original Teleplay Character Dialogue was written by Susan Keenan©.

Technical Advisor: LACoFD  FF/PM  Jim Easley
Producer: William Stark

It was day, most likely, in the heart of a living room, on fire. The smoke
was so thick, anything even attempted to be seen was nothing more than
a gray void.  Sounds filled the flame muffled space; it was the hissing of
steady breathing coming from scba masks.

The ghostly figures of firemen paramedics Gage and DeSoto stuck close
to the floor as they searched for something or someone. The scene was
eerie with only their own sounds and the hiss of the fire.

Crawling slowly, both turnout protected paramedics left the living room
and went down a hallway, still moving along on their stomachs under the
layer of clearer, cooler air. They entered the first door they came across.

It was a child's bedroom. From what they could see of it, it was a mess.
The smoke was still very heavy and some of the room still smouldered
with small fires. Everything was wet from the hose cannon and part of
the ceiling had collapsed. Roy and Johnny checked carefully so they
wouldn't miss anything.

Gage gasped, starting to feel the heat. "He's got to be right near here.."
he said loudly in frustration so Roy, lying next to him, could hear.
Johnny thrust another couple of feet of charged hose ahead of himself
as Roy swung his flashlight from one spot to another. Suddenly, its light
caught the glint off a fireman's hat.

Roy shouted. "There he is!"

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The two paramedics moved as quickly as they could to Firefighter Roger
Demick's side. He had been knocked down by a section of the collapsed
ceiling. His air line had been torn open and his neck cut by a piece of mirror
that had fallen with him. As Roy and Johnny uncovered Demick, they checked
his pulse and respirations and began to apply pressure to the wound on his
neck to control the bleeding.

DeSoto caught his breath even as he sighed in relief that they still had somebody
to rescue. "I think I can carry him okay... if you'd help me get a good hold on him."

Johnny nodded, giving Roy a hand. Then he picked up the flashlight and
the inch and a half line as they moved back into the gloom of the hallway.

They exited the bedroom and moved back toward the living room as fast as
they could.

The house was a low one story ranch style home in the fifty five thousand dollar
class. The outside was a flurry of action. Lopez and Kelly were up on the roof,
ventilating, while firemen from two other companies, 127 and 82, were taking
in salvage covers and hosing down the flames and adjoining areas.

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Onlookers and neighbors were straining for a better look as a police officer
kept them back. The front door was kicked open with a shoe as Gage and DeSoto
emerged with Demick. Gage gave his hose line to a fireman and Captain Stanley
joined them to help carry their victim over to the squad.

Roy nodded at Cap. "This should be okay. I'll get his vitals." he told him as they
lowered him onto a burn tarp. Gage was already giving Roger oxygen as DeSoto
applied a compress to his neck and started checking his vital signs. After Johnny
had hooked up a cannula, he reached for the biocom.

Gage pulled off his helmet and mask from around his neck. "Rampart Base. This is
Rescue 51."


A hand reached for the  speak button of the transmitter as Gage's
voice came over the speaker.

##Rampart Base. This is Rescue 5-1...##

Doctor Brackett's hand depressed the switch as the door of the glass
base station closed behind him.  "This is Rampart Base. Go ahead 51."


Johnny held the receiver closer to his face as a spraying fire hose
passed close by their location on the street. Roy was bending over,
taking a blood pressure on the hurt fireman. "We have a male Caucasian,
Fireman Roger Demick, suffering from smoke inhalation. He is
unconscious. Respirations are slow and shallow, we're administering O2.
He also has a severe cut on the left side of his neck. His vitals are.." Gage
glanced up at DeSoto.

Roy kept on cutting off Roger's uniform as he continued his primary survey.
"Pulse 118.."

Gage parroted him. "Pulse 118."

"B.P. 132 over 80." added DeSoto.

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"B.P. 132 over 80." Johnny told Kel as he checked Demick's neck
carefully for signs of further developing problems. "That cut has
apparently missed any major blood vessels, but he's lost a lot of blood."


Brackett had taken all of the information down and Dixie had joined
him. "Start an I.V. with Ringer's Lactate and transport as soon as you can."
he told Johnny.


The ambulance was just pulling onto the scene as Roy started to administer
the I.V. The attendants rushed toward the paramedics with their gurney.

"10-4, Rampart." said Gage in conclusion and then he hung up the phone.

They loaded Demick onto the gurney and started toward the ambulance.

Roy looked at Johnny. "I'll ride in with the ambulance."

Gage nodded tiredly. "Right."

Johnny bent low to wrap up the equipment and then he started reloading
all the gear back into the squad.

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DeSoto was just getting into the Mayfair in the background when a small
sports car pulled up. A tall man got out. It was Stan Johnson who made
a beeline straight for Captain Stanley. He wasn't angry. "That's my house.
My name's Johnson." he declared matter of factly.

Hank barely blinked an eye as he gave the facts how they were. "Okay, we've
done about all we can. As soon as the smoke clears a little more, we'll be
able to get a better idea of the total damage, and perhaps, how it started."
he said to the man.

Johnson nonchalantly lit up a cigarette. "Take your time. I've got plenty of

Gage couldn't quite believe Johnson's attitude. He had finished loading
the squad and was ready to leave for the hospital. He had heard every
word and was rapidly becoming very upset over the man's dismissal of
his and Roy's closest friend's recent near miss.

The house owner's smug attitude carried on. "Actually, I'm sorry you guys
had to go to so much work. I've been trying to sell this house for the last
six months. And this fire has just saved me the trouble." he said happily.

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That comment was the last straw. Gage whirled on him. "Saved you the trouble?!"
he shouted, his anger rising. "Look, mister.." he growled, lifting a finger at
the man's grinning face.

Captain Stanley held up a hand of his own, calming the storm. "Johnny, you'd
better get on over to Rampart." he said quietly.

Johnny sputtered. "But, Captain,.. Roger--"

Hank's eyes sparked. "Johnny.." he warned, still just as quiet.

Gage got into the squad, slammed the door shut, and left sharply.

Johnson pointed, throwing a careless hand into Johnny's departing
direction. "What's with him?"

It was Hank's turn to control his temper with the man. "Because of that.."
he indicated the house. "...a fireman might die." he spat. He turned, pacing
away to direct the clean up, leaving Johnson standing alone by his neatly
parked car.

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           Title Sequence

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From: "patti keiper" <>
Date: Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:17 pm
Subject: Act One.. Hostage

Hostage©,  Mark VII Limited© and Universal Studios© Production # 37411
Original Teleplay Character Dialogue was written by Susan Keenan©.

It was full day at Rampart Emergency Hospital.

Demick was still unconscious on the treatment table as Brackett
and Early work on him, assisted by Dixie and another nurse. Demick
was on a bird respirator and there was an I.V. going into his arm.
An EKG machine was hooked up, and this Brackett was studying as
the tape fed out a reading onto the floor. Everyone was busy in the
teeth of a critical situation.

Roy DeSoto stood by the door, watching the swift actions being
taken by the hospital staff, but he didn't interfere. After a few moments,
he left the room and went out into the hallway.

As Roy left the treatment room, Johnny spied him as he was coming
down the hall and together, they started walking towards the base

Gage couldn't contain his worry. "How's Rog?"

DeSoto frowned, still analyzing what he had seen in the room.
"They're not sure yet. He seems to be stable enough. But there's
some problem with his heart." he replied.

The two paramedics reached the front desk and helped themselves
to coffee.

Johnny was surprised, worried. "Rog doesn't see the type to have a
heart problem."

Roy's face mirrored the same reaction. "I know. He's only twenty eight
and has always been a big jock."

Behind them, the sound of an opening door attracted their attention as
Dixie exited the treatment room and crossed to Base Station 17, where
the two of them were standing.

DeSoto leaned into when she finally sat onto the desk stool.
"Any change?"

Dixie's face was serious. "No."

Gage became ansy, but his voice didn't reflect any of it yet.
"No indication of what's causing his heart to act up?"

McCall pursed her lips, thinking. "The EKG showed depressed S-T
segments in the V-leads. You guys were pretty close, weren't you?"
she asked.

Image of dixroygagechatclosedeskteasip.jpg Image of ekg_stripwhite.gif Image of dixiegrumbleatdesk.jpg

Johnny took in a deep breath and straightened up uncomfortably.
"Roy went to high school with Rog. And he and I were together when
we joined the fire department.

Dixie nodded, still serious. "I'll sure keep you fellas up on his progress."
she promised.

Roy studied his hands. "Thanks, Dix."

The two medics started down the hall with their new supplies and walkie
talkie in hand. As they got halfway down, they spotted Rog's young wife,
Molly, going into the reception area with her two year old daughter, Cindy.

Gage called out. "Molly....Molly!" he said, hurrying to reach her.

The red haired woman turned, finally seeing Roy and Johnny and she
rushed over at the sight of familiar faces.

"How is he? Can I see him?" she asked, agitated.

DeSoto picked up two year old Cindy and greeted the young curious
child. "His condition seems stable,..but--"

Molly interrupted him, almost frantic just under the surface. "But what?"

Gage finally told her. "He's still critical. They've found a heart problem
and they are trying to isolate it."

"His heart? Can I see him?" she asked again, looking around for any
clue that would tell her where her firefighter husband was.

DeSoto gripped her arm to comfort her. "Not right yet."

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Dixie McCall came over and joined them, taking the young girl from
Roy. "Mrs. Demick?"


"I'm Nurse McCall. Why don't you and your daughter come with me?"
she suggested, knowing that Roy and Johnny had to return back to duty.

DeSoto gripped Roger's wife's hand meaningfully."Molly, I'm sure
everything's going to be okay." he said.

Smiling bravely, but still frightened, she nodded and followed Dixie
down the hall.

Inwardly, Roy hoped that his last statement was the truth.


The sun was stil hot in the back yard behind the station. A scuffed, well
used basket ball makes a netless hoop attached to a backboard soundly.
Stoker and Lopez are shooting baskets as Gage and DeSoto came out
of the station, looking for everybody.

Marco grinned excitedly, sweating. "You guys want to play a little two on
two? Or horse?"

Gage finally smiled, accepting the ball that Lopez tossed into his chest.
"Why not?"

Mike eyed up the two paramedics. "Did you see Chet anywhere?"

DeSoto shrugged. "No. Maybe he's in the office."

Johnny tried a shot with the basketball and missed an easy layup.

Roy chuckled. "I guess they don't call you the "Stilt" for nothing." he

Gage's eyes flashed playfully, not taking offense. "All right, Wise Guy.
Let's see how you can do." he said, sending the ball hard into his
partner's chest.

Roy absorbed the impact without even flinching. His eyes accepted
the challenge. "From where?"

Johnny leaned over onto his knees and motioned to the ground
with both hands. "From right where you are." he replied, waiting

Roy was about twenty five feet away from the basket. He shot and
he made it without even drawing iron.

Gage tried very hard to hide the fact that he was impressed. Returning
the ball to DeSoto, he offered his thoughts. "Luck. Try it again." he

Image of basketballhoop.jpg Image of stationbackyard.jpg Image of gageinyardsideview.jpg

Just then, Kelly came out of the station and crossed over to his car.

Marco shouted. "Hey, Chet. Why don't you join us?"

Chet got whatever it was that he had been looking for and he headed
back across the parking lot without saying a word or acknowledging
them. All eyes were on him as he disappeared back into the station.

Gage scoffed, finally dribbling the ball he stole away from Roy.
"What's with him?"

Lopez shrugged, still watching the closed door that had shut behind
Kelly. "He's been like that ever since we came on duty today."

Roy stole the ball back instantly from Gage and shot it up high without
even looking for the basket. Twenty five feet away, again, it swished
through it solidly, to Gage's marked disapproval.

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The alarm went off and they all reacted, going back into the station.


Captain Stanley took down the information as the rest of the firemen
boarded their vehicles.

##Engine 51, Squad 51. Man trapped at Greg's Glass and Mirror Works.
1030 East Green Street. Cross street, Lyle. Time out : 1035 hours.##

Hank hung up the microphone after replying. "Station 51, ten four. KMG 365."

The captain got into the Ward and together, they exited the garage.
Roaring Code R down the freeway, they hurried toward their destination.

They arrived very soon into the business district, outside the building.

Squad 51 and Engine 51 pull up outside the store. Greg Liggatt, a short
balding man of about fifty, the store owner, is waiting out front. He's very
nervous and excited as he approached Hank. The paramedics joined

Liggatt began to talk, fast. "It's my brother in law, Ralph. He was up on
the second floor, fixing the rack and checking for earthquake damage,
when it happened."

Stanley asked the question. "What happened?"

Ani by Johnny Gage's Shrine at My Space. Image of squadenginearrivescene.jpg Image of caphtdockmen.jpg

The owner stammered, still panicking slightly. "The rack collapsed,
pinning him under hundreds of pounds of glass and mirrors."

Roy started hurrying as he began to get equipment out. "Is he

"Yes, some of the rack is keeping the majority of the glass off of
him. But I think he has a bad cut on his leg."

Cap began issuing orders. "Lopez, Kelly, porta-power, jacks,
some salvage covers and some rope. Let's go."

Gage and DeSoto had completed unloading all the medical gear
and they joined the gang entering the store before them. A police
officer arrived as they did so and began controlling the on lookers.

Station 51 crossed quickly through the store, following Greg to
the back stairway. The store was glinting in the late morning sunlight
in the usual display of mirrors and glass in various shapes, styles
and sizes.

Liggatt grunted with worry. "I hope one of you is skinny enough to get
through to him." he said.

They passed under the stairway landing and went up to the next floor,
laden heavily. Hank led the way, after the owner, followed by DeSoto,
Gage, Lopez and Kelly. The storage room was typical of a store the
size of Greg's Glass and Mirror. There were storage racks where large
pieces of plate glass and mirrors were kept. It was one of the main racks
that had collapsed, with its contents, on top of Ralph.

The broken rack was supported partially by a beam that was propped up
against the wall. But Hank soon noticed that their victim was at the far end
of the row and he saw that the only way they could get to him, was to
crawl through on their stomachs, under the teetering rack of glass.

The space was very tight and looking around, he saw that only Gage
was small enough to fit through the opening. He frowned. There was
the continual danger of falling glass as stock continued to slide out
piece by shattered piece, around them. He knew everyone would have
to be more than careful.

He spoke. "Johnny, looks like you're elected." he said, after peering
around quickly. He stepped back to give Johnny a look. "We'll start to
try and get this mess off of him."

Image of glassfactory.jpg Image of glasssheetsbin.jpg Image of glassshards.jpg

Gage kept on his gloves, eyeing up the worst risks in the glass surrounding
them. "Ralph? Can you hear me?"

They all heard a gasping start up. It was weak. "...yes."

Johnny began to worm his way in past the glass his crewmates began
to hold steady with their gloves. "This is the Fire Department. Can you
tell us what has happened to you so we know what to take into you?"

Ralph began to reply, with difficulty, unaware that Johnny was doing a
consciousness level check on him. "..I- I think so.. I' a large
cut on my thigh..and I think my right arm's ...broken. And.. I'm pinned to
the floor.. Oh,....It hurts! Please hurry.."

Gage answered. "I'll be there in a moment." he grunted as he crawled
carefully. He stopped only long enough to begin to stuff into his pockets
all that he would need...M.S... an I.V., bandages..and a splint.

DeSoto, nearby, began to set up the biocom.

Johnny made sure his gloves were covering his skin as he slowly entered
the tunnel of glass. He made his way very gingerly through the darkened
space. Suddenly, the weight above him shifts, sending bits of glass bouncing
off of his helmet. Freezing. Johnny ducked protectively, until it was over. Then
he started crawling again.

He reached Ralph, who was on his back, pinned to the floor by the rack on his
right arm. There was a little more room around the man but still Gage couldn't
rise up off of his own stomach at all.

Image of gangdigoutcollapse.jpg Image of woundedmandressings.jpg Image of royandjohnnydiggingtool.jpg

In the background, he could hear Roy on the biocom, beginning a hail.

Gage started smiling when he saw Ralph connect eyes with him.
"All right. Now try not to move."

Ralph coughed weakily. "I'll try."

Gage took out a compress and applied it quickly over the gaping wound
on the man's bloody thigh. "Can you hold this?" he said while he tied
it off tightly with other bandages.

"I think so." gasped Ralph.

Johnny shifted his position. "Okay. Let's see what we can do for that arm."


Roy was already on the phone with Rampart Emergency. He could just
see Gage and Ralph ahead of him, through the peeks in between the
masses of sharp, broken glass sheets that lay between them. Johnny
was gingerly taking a blood pressure.

DeSoto spoke again, with more information. "...Male Caucasian approximately
forty eight, medium build. He has a deep cut on his left thigh and a possible
broken right arm. He's in severe pain."

He lifted his head when Gage shouted. "Pulse is 110!"

Roy echoed that to the doctor on the other end of the line. "Pulse 110."

"...B.P is.....126 over 70." gasped Johnny, his voice muffled. "Respirations
18. "

Roy nodded, signalling visually to Johnny that he had heard.
"..B.P. is 126 over 70. Respirations are 18. Request permission for M.S."

Dr. Early was on the transmitter. Joe said. ##Start an I.V. D5W as soon as
possible and then administer 5 mgs M.S. I.V. Monitor vitals closely.##


In the store room, Roy set the phone down onto his jacketted shoulder.
"Did you catch all that, Johnny?"

Gage grunted. "Right."

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Johnny quickly began preparing the morphine injection. He glanced
down at Ralph. "This should ease the pain some." he told him.
Then he started the I.V. and injected the drug into the line's port.

Stanley, Lopez and Kelly attached some lines to the wooden frame of
the tipped over rack and they got busy unfolding some of the salvage
covers. Liggatt was watching anxiously nearby. Hank spoke softly to
his men. "The big problem is not the frame. I think we can hold that okay."
he said. "It's just when we move this thing.. What's going to happen to
all of that glass?" he asked them, pointing, wanting their opinions.

Roy leaned into the hole. "Is there anything more you need in there?"

Deep within, but close by, Johnny rechecked the flow of Ralph's I.V.
before he began to immobilize the man's shoulder with a splint.
"Not right now."  He turned to Ralph. "There. Now relax as best you can
while I try to get this on."

Ralph's eyes started to close slowly, groggily. "Are we
get out of here without being cut in half?"

Johnny instantly got into his line of sight. "We will. They're working on it
right now." he said, continuing to put on the splint slowly.

Stanley knelt by DeSoto near the narrow opening. He had a salvage cover
with him and a few sections of one by twelve boards. He yelled to get Gage.
"If we can get this wood and cover in to you, then we can move the glass."
he shouted.

Johnny replied, still out of sight. "I might be able to back up some. Then you
can place it on my back." he offered.

Roy looked up. "Cap, I'll hand it into him."

Hank passed over the bundle. "Give us the high sign when you're ready for
a lift." he said.

DeSoto licked his lips nervously, worried for both Johnny and the wounded man.


Johnny began slowly backing up. It was a dangerous move as chunks of glass
and mirror kept falling near him and off of his helmet. But slowly, he was getting
closer to Roy and the equipment.

"Another two feet!" DeSoto encouraged him.

"Okay.." grunted Gage.

"That's good." Roy told him as he placed the supplies onto Gage's back.

Slowly, Johnny began his return trip back to Ralph's side. Glass continued to fall,
and the wooden frame began to creak under the pressure. When he got there,
he did a fast vitals check on the still man while he started to make a shelter for
the both of them using the wood and tarp.

Nearby, Lopez and Kelly have the porta-power in place and they were ready to
pull the rack of glass away from the wall, but only when Gage and his victim were
completely covered with first the wood and then the salvage cover.

Johnny took a deep breath, his voice muffled. "We're ready!"

Roy heard the word and relayed the message to Hank, standing by the wall.
"They're ready."

Marco and Chet slowly began to pump up the porta-power.

Stanley shouted. "Lie still. Here we go!" he replied back.

Breathing fast, Johnny kept a hand on Ralph's stomach to monitor his
sedated breathing rate. He kept low as the rack started to creak. Glass
popped as it slowly began to rise.

DeSoto was shielding his hands from glass dust as it began to trickle
down from the pile above Johnny, watching his partner as best as he
could.  The gang was pumping very carefully when suddenly, there was a
very loud pop and then the crashing of broken glass.

He shouted in dismay when he saw Gage and Ralph quickly covered by
a terrible shower of broken glass and debris.  His face filled with fear
for both of them. ::I can't believe what's happening!:: he thought.

Trying to get closer, but very aware of danger, Roy began to dig at
the now covered hole.

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                 By Susan Keenan
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