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    The Helper's              High
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End Credits

                                    End Credits --  Episode Forty Nine (Sixth Season)
                                            The Helper's High  

                       :)    This episode is dedicated to Paramedic/FF Ryan Shreve..

Click for Ryan's story and a brochure about Second Impact Syndrome.

In 2003 El Dorado County lost one of its own paramedics and world-class
wakeboarder, Ryan Shreve, to unrecognized multiple concussion injuries, also
known as Second Impact Syndrome. As a tribute to Ryan, the EMS Agency
has worked closely with his family to produce an information brochure on
Second Impact Syndrome that can be handed to any patient who has
suffered a concussive head injury. This brochure informs a patient about
the dangers of Second Impact Syndrome and recommends not
engaging in athletic activity until all symptoms (headache, dizziness,
nausea, etc.) have been resolved for at least one week.

Often a concussion may go unrecognized or untreated in high school athletes.
A second injury, even from a minor blow to the head or twisting of the torso, may become lethal.  

Click Ryan's Image for a Second Impact Syndrome Informational Brochure        :)                  

Guest Writers...
United States    lin butler
United States    brenda murray
United States    crash

**Voyagerliveaction©  Staff Writers...  

United States            Erin James  
French Seychelles    Cassidy Meyers
England                   Katherine Bird
Germany                Dr. Jeff Seltun
USA                        Patti Keiper ,
England                   Clairissa Fox
Germany                Cory Anda   

Active Storyline Technical Consultants

Patrick H. Mason MS, OHST, ALCM, EMT-I
On Cold Resuscitation, Newsweek Magazine 05-2007

Joy Masoff, author of Emergency! Scholastic Reference
For EMS and Medical related images. USA.

Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, Kapiolani Medical Center
Intracranial Hypertension and Brain Herniation Syndromes
University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine

Series Fan/ETL Host Erin J., for images related to the series,
in post production website editting. USA.

P. Keiper, NREMT-B, Emergency Medical Services
Minnesota, USA

Standby EMS and Firefighting Consultants

Sherill Howell
I've worked for Washington County & Johnson City EMS for about 9 years now.
I have been an EMT since 1983. I have been in EMS since 1975.

I have been involved in EMS since 1970.  I am a firefighter and paramedic,
having taken the first state boards for both EMT and Paramedic certifications.  
I have been published several times in both FIRE ENGINEERING magazine and
NATIONAL FIRE and RESCUE MAGAZINE.  I was inducted into the National
Firefighter Hall of Flame, Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 and was twice nominated
for Firefighter of the Year through FIREHOUSE MAGAZINE.  
I am currently a firefighter and emt, and I grew up in the 70's
and remember watching Emergency, and this was the all time
best fire dept. series, and I would love to be apart of this aspiring group....  
I'm a EMT/Firefighter. I would love to join the group to get suggestions
on different scenario and help others with questions they might have.
I'm also a CPR Instructor Trainer

Rik Thomas  
I am a firefighter in Dover, Delaware, I have been a
firefighter/EMT for over 16 years. I am very excited to help with this project.  

firefighter/Paramedic for 21 yrs.

Steve Cole
I have 16 1/2 years exp in EMS (since 1990), Paramedic, CCEMT-P

Tony Campion  
I have been involved in Fire/EMS since 1972 and have watched Emergency
whenever I could. Currently I am a 911 Dispatcher for a full time job and
Fire/EMS & SAR in my spare time. I would like to help.

Guy Peifer    
FF Paramedic grew up watching Emergency.  

Patti Keiper
NREMT-B/Mobile Security Officer

Dr. Jeff Seltun
M.D./Thoracic Medicine/Surgeon

Special Thanks - Technical Support Websites

To Ebay, for providing sweet shots of a Squad 51 life-
sized replica during a November eight day auction.  ;)   :)  

To Erin J., for images relating to the storyline
by frequent hunts on the WWW.

To EMS Paramedic Pride
For action photos of L.A.Co.Paramedics at Work.

To Ross <>
Pictures.. by emergencylanding list member.

To the Firefighter's Real Stories Website
For Background Info on FF Work and Tales.

Of the Emergency! Webring for linking ETL to
To  A. Cotroneo <>
For being our Los Angeles locale and landmark expert

To Rescue
For sponsoring a link to Emergency Theater Live
To Erika and Rozane of
For Linking to the ETL Website

For Linking to the ETL Homepage

To all the Guest Fan Writers who've Contributed
their Talents to this Episode of Emergency Theater Live® :)

To Icecat,  <>
For Designing the Banners for Episodes  

To the EMSLive Online Paramedic Radio Show..
For Giving the ETL Live Airtime on June 22nd, 2004.

To Firehouse.Com
For featuring Emergency Theater Live®
in their links for web visitors.

To  Paramedic.Com
For featuring Emergency Theater Live®
on their top EMS sites list and for
providing real paramedics to help
write with us for our upcoming ETL

To All E TV Links
For hosting Emergency Theater Live®

AAA Screen
For Incredible Audio and Visual References to Emergency!©
Characterizations and Behind the Scenes Sneak Peeks
on a ScreenSaver by Screensaver Man.

Erika and Rozane's Emergency Site
For Main Character Role Histories
And the Emergency Medical Terms Guide
And the Theater Intermission Account of
Engine 51's 1972 Nationwide Tour

For In-Character Rescue Scene Screengrabs.

Wojo's Boys of 51 Webpage
For Screengrabs of the Station Crew.

Love Emergency! Style--Kel Brackett & Dixie McCall
For Dixie and Brackett Screengrabs

Johnny's Green Pen
For Episode Images from the Series.

Tigger's Slide Show Central
Main Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Nexxie's E Site
For Episode Screengrabs

Modena Intergate Emergency!© Equipment
Manifest Website!Manifest.htm
For Technical Facts on all FD Equipment on the Series

Hollywood Images Inc.
For Talent Agent Work on the Staff Writer Cattle Calls.

To Wormsworth :)
* Keebee Programmer / Voyagerliveaction® Narrator,
For Providing a Location for our Theater Episodes in
a Turning Page Book Style Program Online.

Voyagerliveaction® Star Trek Theater
For Sponsoring the Theater Writing Staff , the
Los Angeles Guest Writer, and Hosting the
ETL's Online Fanfiction Books of the Episodes,
and for Advertising Theater Promotions

For Advertising the Emergency Theater Live® Site


  Music for  Season Six   Episode Forty Nine
           The Helper's High  


Sockhop Midi by  Unknown
     (link- 0030 Midi by Erno)

     (link-Angel Of The Night Midi by Simon Lamoureux)

The Brye In Winter Midi by Mark Grace.

     (link-Mystics Dream Midi by Michael Dover)

     (link-Always in my Heart Midi by Grant Joung)

     (link-New Coda Midi by David Fulton)

     (link-Hypno Midi by Martin-Kaiser-Kaplaner

     (link-Two Tears in a Bucket Midi by Lyn Borske)

     (link-Raw Emotion Midi by Jesse-Chops-Gumm.mid)

The Minstrels Camp Midi by Michael Dover

     (link-Two Faced MP3 by Keith Spillman)

Beyond The Wall of Sleep Midi by Arnel Manago

     (link-Taps Mp3 by Unknown)

     (link-Haimmoshe Midi by I Swear)

     (link-Sun and Clouds Midi by Kenny Schultz)

     (link-Walking Through Flowers Midi by Pete Sklenar)

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    The Helper's              High
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