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Juxtaposed by Patti Keiper.
Intro scene by Sarah Adams.

(Circa 2013 - 2017)

The squad rumbled down the 405 at half the speed of regular traffic because Roy and
Johnny were actually off duty in uniform, returning from a education presentation at a
nearby school on the way back to the station to drop off the rig.

"Roy, are we nuts?" asked Gage, fiddling with his helmet's strap.

"Nuts about what?" DeSoto asked.

"We're not getting paid." Johnny retorted.

"About doing this?" asked Roy, holding up a fistful of fire safety pamphlets.

"We aren't PR specialists." Johnny spat tiredly, rubbing his chin.

"Johnny, you like to talk." Roy said, a grin spreading across his face.

He pursed his lips and glared at Roy. "You're a barrel laughs, Pally."

Roy stuttered as he clarified his meaning. "No, I- I mean. Cap knows he can rely on you
coming through for the department in a pinch, especially in public. This afternoon, you
were great. You had all those kids stopping, dropping and rolling inside five minutes."

"Well... I do have a way with kids." Johnny said as he looked out the window and pouted.

"But not with women, eh?" DeSoto retorted with amusement.

Johnny looked over him sideways. "I haven't found the right pussy cat to charm!"

Roy choked back a snicker. "I thought Betty was your recent pussy cat."

Gage glared at him... "Very funny... Really... you are not funny."

"She was your date last night, right?" Roy wondered. "I was just trying to be social. Don't
be so sensitive when a guy asks whether or not you had a fun time." Roy glanced over at
Johnny from the corner of his eye. "Really." Roy glanced over at Johnny from the corner of his eye.

"Just drive.. Sheeesh!" Gage grumbled, to match the deep rumble of the squad.

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Roy looked over at Johnny quickly and strengthened his grip on the steering wheel as the
squad started to pull to one side and the road started to wave in undulations.

"Roy watch out!" Gage yelled.

"Whoa!" DeSoto gasped, fighting to keep from suddenly careening into a crash wall on the
freeway. "It's an earthquake!"

Johnny braced his arms against the dashboard as he watched Roy struggle to bring the squad
to a halt.

A strange fog appeared, and it stank, foul, like fish. Dust mingled with the smell of gas and
oddball chemicals. Johnny started to try and open his door, but found it stuck. He moved
upward in an attempt to pound his shoulder against the window of the door to budge it when
he looked up and saw a strange mist heading towards them. "What on earth is that?"

"We're sixty miles from the nearest pier, why are we smelling the ocean?" DeSoto countered,
equally shaken.

Johnny looked over at Roy."Yeah.. we are. Just weird..."

"What are we jammed up against?" DeSoto asked, turning up their radio in puzzlement at the
lack of emergency calls coming in about the tremor they had just experienced. DeSoto opened
his driver's side and stood up on the landing to peer up over the roof of the squad's cab. A
tall, blue box looking like an outhouse loomed out of the thick fog, a flashing light on its top.
"Holy cow! Where did that come from?! It's blocking your side." he said.

Gage crawled over to the driver's side and followed DeSoto out.

"WOW.. What is it?" Gage's eyes widened as he saw the strange blue box. He smiled when a red
headed woman peeked out the door. "...and why is it in the middle of the freeway?"

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Amy peeked out the door and saw a red truck and two men in blue looking at the Tardis.

"Ummm, Doctor... There are two firemen looking at the Tardis."

A youngish voice thick with a British accent spoke up, addressing the fireman who had asked the
"Ah, that's because the TARDIS put herself there. Don't worry. She wouldn't endanger any passengers.
Or.. uh, innocent bystanders. My,..." Dr. Who said, tweeking his bowtie around his tweed jacket.
"Is this an emergency truck? No lights on. So no emergency call on rescue. Got it." he rambled.
Then he held out his hand. "Hello, I'm the Doctor. This is Amy."

"The Doctor? My name is John Gage... and my partner, Roy DeSoto." Johnny looked over at the red
head and tilted his helmet. "Hello, Amy."

"Are any of you two hurt?" Roy asked.

"Us? Injured? Why would we be? Couldn't be better. On a vacay, gentleman. Only just arrived."
said the man who called himself a Doctor.

Gage looked at him in wonder. "What is that thing? Doctor Who?"

The Doctor retorted back to the dark haired fireman. "No, it's a who and she's not a Doctor. I guess
I am. Of a sorts." he frowned.

Gage looked at him as he wondered what he said that led to his reaction.

Roy wouldn't be deterred. "Look, an earthquake happened just a minute ago and stopped traffic.
Now there's this oddball weather change. We..we thought this box slid off a truck or something
nearby in the sudden stop like a crash. Why else would you two be standing in the middle of a road?"

"Why not? The two of you are." Dr. Who shrugged, dragging out a skinny metallic device which
glowed and made a buzzing sound as the man took a reading of the fog in the air.

Amy leaned up to the Doctor's ear... "Ummm, Doctor...he does have a point."
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Johnny took a step back as he watched the strange man with the metallic object as he felt a wave
of dizziness come over him.

Roy watched in horror as his partner suddenly crumpled and began falling to the ground. "Johnny?!"

(Patti's turn)

Amy Pond startled just as badly. "Doctor?!"

The wild haired young smooth faced Timelord grumbled over his shoulder at her interruption while he
was trying to concentrate on getting a tachyon reading off of his sonic screwdriver. "What?!" he
hissed, "I'm trying to get a-  The air and gravity's all fine for England."   Then he turned around
and saw the younger of the two American medics was on the ground, quite unconscious. "Oh!
He's the one who's not all right. Well, why didn't you say so?" And then he knelt, flipping over
the setting on his screwdriver to full blown med scan.

"I tried." Amy snarled through tight teeth while still trying to smile encouragingly at their new
companion, Mr. DeSoto who also was on his knees, quickly tipping back Johnny's head and feeling
for a carotid as he listened for any breath coming from Johnny's mouth.

The Doctor's device whirred and began warbling alarmingly.

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"He's not breathing." Roy told them. "And he doesn't have a pulse any more?!  Sh*t!" he grunted,
leaping to his feet to the squad for the defibrillator and oxygen powered resuscitator.

"Whoa.. whoa.. no strong language before a lady, please. Shite if you must. What are you doing?"  
the Doctor asked Roy.

"Get out of my way. Johnny's in cardiac arrest." the blond haired man fretted, working urgently
to set up his equipment. "We've got to countershock and get a rhythm back. Look, I don't know
if they teach CPR in England, but could you help out a little here?! Miss. Take this mask, it's positive
pressure powered. Fit it over his nose and mouth and punch that button every five seconds."

Amy had already picked up a bit of Roy's panic, and she complied by taking the demand valve and
filling Gage's lungs. "Doctor, I know this. Rory taught me how to bring him back last year, remember?"

"How can I forget.." the Time Lord murmured, growing thoughtful, peering scientifically at the probe
end of his sonic. "Wait!!" he said, snapping out of it, just as DeSoto ripped open Johnny's shirt and
placed two gelled up charging paddles over his chest. The Doctor snatched away the grips from
Roy's hands. "What in Hades are you think you're doing?! This man's not dead. His heart's just
not beating that's all."

"I know! Are you crazy? Give those back." Roy said, beginning urgent chest compressions around
Amy's ventilations. "He'll die without defibrillation!"

"He can't die. Not like this. Not in his current state. There's not enough time around him to live,
or die." said the Doctor taking Roy by the shoulders and dragging him to his feet less than gently.
"See? The Local Group tachyons are totally absent an inch above his skin." he said, smacking
his sonic screwdriver into Roy's hand as if the paramedic could understand its flashing coloration
lights and electronic patterns.  "Amy, you can quit resuscitating safely. We'll move Mr. Gage
into the Tardis, and their vehicle, too. I don't want another car risking a crash into us while I
figure out why this happened to him."

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Roy's mouth dropped right open when the Doctor easily picked up Johnny into his arms, while holding
his sonic screwdriver in between his teeth. A deft twist of the TARDIS key
and a kick with a free foot and both double doors were opened wide into a strangely darkened

"Kay.." Amy said, going with the flow, she folded up all of Roy's medical gear and put everything
back away in the same spots she saw the paramedic take them from. "Paramedic er.. and Firefighter
DeSoto.." she said peering at Roy's name badge. "Sir, the steering wheel's on the wrong side
of the car for me. Would you mind?" she said, indicating he open the driver's door.
Then she prompted got into the squad, climbing into Johnny's seat. "Just pull her round and back
on in. I'll spot ye from here." she encouraged.

Still stunned and a bit disoriented himself, Roy did as he was told.  He didn't wrap his head
around the incongruency of the size of the squad versus the width of the blue box's swung in
wooden doors, he just drove and suddenly they all were inside.

The Doctor had already set Johnny down onto a convenient fainting couch next to the main
console as the squad came to a halt. As soon as the limp young paramedic's body hit the seat's
cushions the cloister bell began to sound and the TARDIS emergency lights kicked on, providing
dim, fire orange like illumination to all eyes.

Roy froze in mid stride on his way back over to his partner's side. "Did I just check out right
now?" he asked his two strangers with overseas accents.

"No, you still have your truck's key in your hand. We've only just arrived." the Doctor replied,
milling about the console, turning on various instruments and the main viewer to outside.

Roy marvelled at the dimensions of the TARDIS room they were in. "How did we get inside a
huge building? Looks like a museum exhibit of some kind. There wasn't one anywhere near us
on that freeway..."

Amy and the Doctor both grinned in nostalgia at each other about the dimensionally
transcendental effects every new passenger to the Doctor's conveyance noticed.

The Doctor smoothly bypassed the usual. "You're just worried. About your partner.. But don't
be. He's being well cared for. She won't let anything happen to him now that she
realizes that there was a time eddy or pocket at work."

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"Who's she? Amy, your friend?" Roy asked, still partially angry that circumstances were still
spiralling well out of his control.

"No, my.. my ship. You told me you could smell the ocean. Look.. where we are's not important.
Not really. Let's just get your friend situated and then, we can have a chat about us in more
detail."  the Doctor promised.  He finished putting on the TARDIS's defenses. Then he returned
a green glowing sonic screwdriver, whirring softly, and laid it on Johnny's chest like a talisman.  
The urgent sound of the faintly echoing cloister bell from the Zero Room, died away into silence.

"I really need to get him on an EKG. I..I..have to know if--"  Roy said numbly, overwhelmed by
all of the changes.

"Already done." the Doctor said, pointing to the main viewer. On it, was a normal rate sinus
rhythm heartbeat being sketched in blue light on the screen. "My TAR-- my machine has
accelerated time back up to normal around Mr. Gage.  You'll find he's sleeping it off. Amy,
how about fixing our guest.. guests... some tea. If it helps, Mr. DeSoto, go ahead and do
whatever paramedic thing you need to reassure yourself that this is true."

Roy peeled back Johnny's eyelids and checked his pupillary responses. "Normal and reactive
to light." he sighed. "If he had been without oxygen for even a few seconds--"

"..his pupils would have been dilated from hypoxia. Yes. But they aren't now, are they? Trust
me that they never were." smiled the Doctor. "No jeopardy to his health exists, Roy. Not now
or in the future. Not while I'm around." he said, growing more serious at the American who
still was harboring doubts about his ample abilities.

"Okay.." Roy said quietly, reluctantly placing some trust out into the open. Trembling, his
weak legs folded and he sat suddenly down on one of Johnny's cushions as his pure
adrenaline rush faded away.

Amy Pond coughed low in her throat. "Oyii.  Crumpets or scones, gentlemen? Come eats while
it's hot." she invited, wheeling in a solid silver Victorian tea cart complete
with white linens and a rose bouquet in a crystal vase. "Plenty more where this lot came

(Patti's Turn)

Roy was mumbling something at her when in mid-thanks, he toppled over onto the couch
next to Johnny in a dead faint.

Amy frowned, setting down the tray of pastries that she had been handing out. "Is my accent
coming on too strong again?" she asked.

The Doctor chuckled, "A bit, Pond. But that's not the trouble. No, the man checked out because
of being ripped out of his proper time and place so rudely. In his case, not so extensively as
his friend, but still he was done a nasty, none the less. I'm fairly certain they've both been
victimized by an extremely long distance sent transmat beam." he said, flipping a few switches
and studying the results graphs he generated on the flight console.
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Amy considered the two paramedics' pale faces for a moment. Then she neatly snatched off
the white linen table cloth on the serving tray without disturbing their tea items.
"Sent by whom?" she wondered, covering up both men snugly to conserve their body heat.  
"Can you trace it?"

"I don't know and no. It's left no trace behind to follow." the Doctor replied, moving to accept
a cup of steaming darjeeling tea from Amy. "Who dunnit's the question of the hour, now isn't

Amy thoughtfully pulled on the hem of her black leather jacket over her red mini skirt. "Okay,..
ah,... start from where these two blokes originate?" Amy suggested, double checking Roy's
pulse in his wrist when he let out a soft moan as he slowly fought for wakefulness.

"That seems the right point to begin anyone's adventure story, eh? I've already analyzed the
petrol in their vehicle's fuel tank. Late 1970s Earth, Torrence, California. And the wording on
its side over there names the exact building in the town they call home." he grinned. "Station
51." he grinned, adjusting his bright maroon colored bow tie.

"I can do better than that." said Amy. She rose and went over to Squad 51 and reached inside
long enough to grab up Roy's handy talkie radio. "How about zeroing in on the exact day it is
on the other side by tapping into this?"

"A homing beacon. Bravo, Pond. Love everything Motorola. Built to last." he said, catching the
HT she tossed to him.  The Doctor turned it on and plugged it into a charging port on the
console that already fit it. "That's why I adapted some of their tech into this universal
communications tether. Here we go..."  he breathed sending the Tardis into follow flight deftly.

Amy grabbed onto the nearest solid object for dear life. She was disappointed when neither one
of them began to get tossed like ragdolls in unexpected turbulence.

The Doctor made a hurt face at her. "Already on Earth, remember? Only changing the latitude and
the date."  He expected Amy to scoff some return fire at his snark, but she didn't.

Pond continued to hang on to the Tardis hand rail, tightly. "Doctor? Do I have to mingle with this
particular past and place?" she asked, internalizing deeply inside of herself.

"That's never stopped us before. Why does it matter now?" the Doctor wondered, his curiosity
shining fully in his eyes.

The look on Amy Pond's face became haunted, and very, very old. "Because.. I remember Station
51. Its layout, its equipment, its crew." she said, suddenly startled and spooked more than just
a little. Pond tried to shake off sudden cold fingers of memory. "But how can that be? I've never
been there."

The Doctor looked about and addressed the TARDIS directly. "Ah, girl. Is that what the cloister
was for, my beautiful? Are we in danger?  Are we entering..." the Doctor sucked in a small breath.
"... a Companion's causality loop?"

There was a pause in all sounds the time machine was making while in travel mode. And then the
cloister began to sound once more in earnest.

The Doctor and Amy blanched as they understood the new warning their telepathic vehicle was
sharing, looming larger and larger, as they got closer to their final destination.

"Do we still land?" Pond whispered, shivering.

"We have to." the Doctor said, acknowledging the cloister bell with a toggle to silence its voice
from audible.

"It seems now that it's my personal history that's on the chopping block." she whimpered.  Her eyes
began to fill with water and fear.

The Doctor took her into his arms protectively, trying to hug away her tears. "Shhh.. Easy, Amy.
I'm not going to cut out anything of time holding a claim to you or yours. I made that immutable
Time Lord promise to a little girl we both knew long ago, over fish sticks and custard." the Doctor
snapped, biting a worried fingernail. "Yes. These two men were torn out of their proper place in
the time stream." he said, gesturing at the sprawled out firefighters on the couch. "But it's our
responsibility to restore them back, even if we... and the Tardis... are absolutely terrified out of
our minds."
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It was an hour later in 1976. The Tardis was parked just down the block from the fire station on
the corner of 223rd Street and Wilshire under a Spirit of 76 gas station globe.
Its sphere was spinning like some grotesque planetoid on the internal Tardis monitor.  Already,
a few passersby had mistaken it for a phone booth. ::So far so good.:: thought the Doctor.
::No direct attack yet from the unknown quarter.  But one fact's solid stone. Our two paramedics
are bait we went for.::

Amy Pond was seated on a stool next to the Victorian leather couch Roy DeSoto and Johnny
Gage lay on. She smiled when the darker haired, Native American fireman finally opened his
eyes. "How do you feel?" she asked.

Johnny Gage sat up in some confusion, his hair mussed on one side. "I'm okay. But I think I
lost some time."

"Truer words were never spoken." grumbled the Doctor from where he was staring at the gas
station globe revolving slowly on the screen.  "You are an excellent paramedic on diagnoses."

"Huh?" Johnny sputtered. But then he noticed Roy lying flat out next to him. "Roy!" he shouted,
moving instantly to his head to feel for a carotid.

"He's fine." Amy said. "Just like you, Mr. Gage. No harm done."

"Only a bit of time suffocation, er... sorry, you're a firefighter.. It's like smoke inhalation in a
fire. Can't live without air. Time's like that, too. You both were without its flow... but only...
for the briefest spell, I promise you. Uh,..she promises you." he amended, adding the Tardis's
dialog. The Time Lord was now highly disturbed by the circumstances within which they were
all caught up as neatly as fish in a net.

Johnny didn't let go of his partner's pulse. "Where are we, mister? I thought I saw Big Ben
out there a while ago."

"We're in your backyard. At your station. In Los Angeles County.." hinted the Doctor. "We've
already parked the squad out there for you."

Amy's eyes unfocused. "I can hear Cap bellowing about it." she giggled.

"Pond, stop 'listening' !" the Doctor hissed sharply at her. "Mustn't encourage that brain
twist. You're the minnow now."

"Never.." she hissed back, sotto voce.

Johnny Gage openly ignored the two bystanders who seemed unbalanced both mentally and
emotionally. He was used to that. ::People always freak out whenever they think a medical
emergency is going on.:: he figured. "Look. Thanks for taking care of us and bringing us to
our crewmates. They'll definitely get us squared away via Rampart. Now if you'll excuse me,
I'm going to go get a stokes, and them, over here, to fetch Roy. I don't know why he's

"I just told you why. In very clear detail." the Doctor said, throwing up his hands.

Amy shushed the Time Lord and turned back to Gage warmly. "Okay. The door's that way, Mr.
Fireman. See all of you in a minute." she invited.

The Tardis obligingly opened her outer portals.

Johnny saw the handy talkie jammed into the console and he retrieved it swiftly. He spoke
into his radio. "Squad 51 to Engine 51 and L.A., I've a Code I. Lifesigns stable."

"We're next to your friendly neighborhood petrol station." said the Doctor told him with a
sigh. "See?" he said pointing to the view screen.
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Johnny looked up and saw the orange globe sign. He nodded thanks. "Requesting an ambulance
to my location at 2055 East 223rd Street and Wilshire."

##Squad 51, 10-4. Responding a Mayfair. E.T.A. of five minutes.##

##Squad 51. This is Engine 51. Share details of your incident immediately. Last transmission
I received showed you 10-7 from a public PR engagement two minutes ago.## Hank
called into the channel. ##Did you suffer a vehicle collision?##

The Doctor and Amy nodded enthusiastically. "With the Tardis."

Johnny tuned them out. His worry for Roy was greater than his need to figure out how a
small blue box was somehow as big as an airport hanger inside. "No crash, Engine 51. Grab
a stokes. I can meet you guys out front with him in half a minute." In a few seconds, he had
Roy hoisted over his shoulder into a fireman's carry snugly and was gone.
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The moment they had gone, the Doctor swiftly closed the main doors.

"Now what are you doing?" asked Amy as she watched the Doctor turning dials
and taking measurements on the center console intently.

"Being triply sure of our coordinates." he replied. "Don't want a quibbly wibbly
timey wimey putting a spanner in our works."  He snatched the goose neck
axled monitor that was hanging down nearby and seemed to get lost mentally
as he stared down the hissing white noise static nonsense
currently registering on its screen.

"Can we talk about it?" asked Amy after half a minute of silence.

"Sure. Why not? It's their time stream." he grunted, slapping away the
glass telly viewer.  "Those two medical men dragged us screaming and kicking
right into the middle of a real class A muddle." he declared.

"But how could they?  It's 1970's Earth. Nobody knew about time travel in
America back then. It wasn't even a concept." Pond snorted.

"H.G. Wells." the Doctor countered. "Ring a bell? They made a movie written
by him in 1960 called The Time Machine using one of their Hollywood moguls.
Sounds a LOT like what we're currently standing inside of, eh?  Oh, I shudder
to think that these two firefighters probably watched that when they were kids
and still have those temporal ideas floating around in their heads." he frowned.

"Oh, dear." said Amy. "Are paradox monsters feeding off of their imaginations?
Like the Silence? Or some Weeping Angels?"

The Doctor rushed to a floor panel and lifted the roundel by its handle until
he had exposed the Eye of Harmony at the heart of his craft. "Nothing
so clear cut as that, Pond. This involves you just as much as it did
Roy and Johnny an hour ago when we met them."  The Doctor slammed
down the decking over the singularity powering the T.A.R.D.I.S. and
leaped up to a wall alcove cabinet marked with a big, fat red cross.
He opened it, exposing extensive medical gear inside. "I'm going to have
to tap directly into your cerebral cortex to sift through those ghost
memories you have of this timeline's inhabitants."  he shared.

Amy immediately reacted.
"Oh, no, Doctor. I'm nobody's guinea pig. Especially not yours."
Amy said, scrambling away quickly in her boots and mini skirt.

"Says who?"  the Doctor smiled, still digging among the pile
of scary probes and machines that were looking more and more
like surgical tools in Pond's eyes.

"Exactly." Amy sputtered, snatching up a nearby handy umbrella
and brandishing it at him, to protect herself. "You said it. Just now.
And you're a Who." she snarled.  

"And sometimes a when, or a how..." he added, laughing,
still buried in the round hole in the wall, hunting for invasive
body equipment.

With a leap, Any managed to reach the door control and she jerked
it open in seconds. "I'm leaving with my skin.. er.. scalp intact, mister.
Sayonara, Sawbones."  And with a final parting jab of her brolly, she
escaped outside.

The moment her presence left the ambience of the TARDIS, the
cloister bell began sounding again.

The Doctor's continuous rattle of reassurances to Amy choked off
at the sound of the TARDIS's voice, and his head shot back out into
the open with intense alarm."What? Again?" he quivered. "Amy, did
you just--" he broke off, realizing that his companion was no longer
with him. Anywhere.

"Oh, bloody H*ll!" he swore. He hastily grabbed a classic black leather
doctor's bag from the roundel closet along with his sonic screwdriver
and ran after her.  "Why does she always have to be so squeamish?!"
he blurted out loudly to the primitive oil driven civilization that greeted
him beyond the door. "She should know by now that I would never,
ever hurt her."

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Amy managed to intercept the firemen crew from Station 51 as they loaded
up their blond haired paramedic into a waiting Mayfair. Pond nimbly
climbed up after Gage into the ambulance, plopping down onto the rider's
bench. "I'm going with you." she declared.

"Uh, miss. You can't be in here." Johnny grumbled at her.

"And why not? I'm a witness as to what ails him. I'm useful!" she snapped,
folding her arms after slamming the doors shut behind them and ducking out of
sight so the Doctor wouldn't have a chance to spot her through one of the


"Just go." growled Cap, who was seated in the front cab passenger's seat.
"The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get him to Rampart to where the docs
can have at him to figure out what his problem is. She's not hurting anything by
coming along with us, so shut the mouth, Gage."

The force of Hank's sharp order stunned Johnny into sudden, stuttering silence.

"Not. Another. Word." Cap punctuated. "Now, Miss? I don't think we've been
properly introduced. I'm Hank Stanley, Roy's captain at Station 51."

"I'm Amelia Pond of the U.K. via Scotland."

"You're a long way from home." Gage gaped.

"A lot farther than you think, gents. Now.... Is there anything I can do to help
out with him while we're waiting to get him in hospital?" she asked.

The Mayfair departed on its way to Rampart with a lurch.

"Can you count a pulse and respirations?" Gage wondered.

"I'll have you know that I'm married to a nurse. Of course I can." Amy glared,
grabbing up one of Roy's damp wrists. "Rory was a fine teacher. I can even resuscitate
when necessary."

"Ah, no thanks. He's good." Johnny said quickly, glancing at the EKG monitor he had set up
that was showing a slow sinus rhythm. "No CPR on this bus without my say so."

Amy's face fell into a glower. "You're not related to any M.D.s are you? Any doctors in
the immediate family?"

"No. I....  only work with a few for my job." Johnny said with perplexity, beginning to
take a blood pressure on his partner on auto pilot.

"Good. Now all I need is an apple to munch on and I'm all set."

"Oh, my G*d. Are you a diabetic, Amy?" Johnny asked, his eyes shooting up to
appraise his young companion intently.  "I didn't even think to ask."

"No, no.. no." the young woman laughed. "I was just referring to an expression,
you know, 'An apple a day helps..'

"...keep the doctor away." Johnny finished with a grin. "OhhHhhh, I get it now.
Boy, can I relate to that. I hate getting dragged in to see doctors whenever I get
sick or hurt."

"That's why I'm here." Amy mumbled to herself about her narrow escape from
the Time Lord.


"Never you mind. How long until we get where we're going?" she asked.

"We're three minutes out. How about handing me that oxygen mask? We'll get
him going on some."

Gage pointed to the counter near Amy.

She nodded and did so, handing one over and connecting it deftly.

"Bugs me that he's still not waking up even after a full dose epinephrine shot."
he told her.

Pond got the vital signs Gage had requested she get off DeSoto. "Pulse is regular
and strong at fifty. Respirations are twenty five and shallow. But he's still a very
pretty pink, Johnny."

"Thanks." Gage sighed, some of the worry leaving his face in some relief.
He began writing down their figures.

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Rory Williams jolted out of his Roman drapery canopied bed next to the T.A.R.D.I.S.
swimming pool lounge when the cloister bell was suddenly amplified right next to
his ear.  "OhmyG*d!" he blurted out. "What in bloody blazes!" he said as his
blankets tangled around his feet, causing him to fall flat on his face when he
tried to leap off the cushions.  Groggy with sleep, Rory quickly put two and two together.
"Oh, no. That bell thing means H*ll in a hand basket and mighty quick, too!" he
roared angrily at the T.A.R.D.I.S. "Why can't you use words like normal sentient
beings do, you bloated, blue--!"

*DONG*... echoed the cloister urgently, making Rory whip up his hands to his
ears protectively. "All right! I'm up! What's such a big emergency that you had
to interrupt a passenger's nap?!"

*D--*  The cloister immediately cut off once Rory made it out of their private
room and into the T.A.R.D.I.S. corridors.  He was shocked that the console room
doorway was open and located right next to their home suite. He could have sworn
that it had been at least a three minutes' walk to reach the pool the night before.

Rory pulled on a convenient ski vest from off the Doctor's hat rack along with a pair
of cowboy boots that he remembered leaving there.  He spun around in place, calling
out loud. "Doctor! Amy! Where are you? What the h*ll is going on around he--?!"
He broke off when he noticed the emergency medical roundel was open and ajar
and the Doctor's field care satchel was missing from within. "Sh*te!" he swore,
reaching in and grabbing an Earth stethoscope and jamming it into a snug
pocket.  "Got it. Tell me where they went, girl." he spoke out loud to the T.A.R.D.I.S.
"If there's a crisis like you say, they're going to need help."

Dutifully, the viewing screen on the swivel monitor kicked on and showed their

Rory eyed up the view of Station 51 and an Earth street, showing a departing angle
of an American ambulance pulling away with full lights and sirens. The Doctor
appeared to be chasing it on foot, shouting his wife's name.

Williams ran full tilt out the door and onto the boulevard. "Doctor! What's the
matter?!" he said, chasing after him. "Is Amy in that ambulance?"

The young Doctor ran out of steam and stumbled, catching himself with his
hands on his knees, leaning over, seriously out of breath. "Yes, I think so."
he admitted, puffing heavily.

Williams grabbed the Doctor by the shoulders and literally shook him.
"What do you mean you think so?!" Rory roared. "Is she hurt? Sick?"

"Uh, no, she's not a patient, Rory. She's.. well, something's not right in her
head."  the Timelord said, plopping his black doctor's bag onto the curb as
the two of them watched the Mayfair get away. "The T.A.R.D.I.S. detected
it an hour or so ago after we ran into some American paramedics in London,
and warned me of it by using the cloister bell."

"What's the issue?! You're beating around the proverbial bush.
This is my wife you're talking about. And I don't care what I have to do to you to
get an answer!" Rory said, grabbing the Doctor by the collar of his shirt.

The Timelord easily broke free using some Venusian Judo and straightened up
his bow tie again while Rory was recovering from his tingling, arms suddenly
gone limp. "It's this timeline. 1976. Earth. Amy remembers a whole fire station
of people she's never met. I was going to examine her brain to see what
she thinks she remembers for some clues, when she ran away from me. In that!"
the Doctor said, jerking a finger at the distant Mayfair finally turning a corner
and out of their sight.

Rory finally regained use of his fingers by shaking out his hands vigorously.
"Fine! Why run like stupid? We know where they're going. That's an ambulance.
They'll be going to the nearest hospital. Can't we just fly to the closest
one on a map?"

The Doctor sat down on the curb of the street in Station 51's driveway next
to his doctor's bag. Rory joined him, oblivious to the 1970s traffic whizzing
by in both directions down 223rd Boulevard mere feet from the ends of their
toes. "The T.A.R.D.I.S. can't do micro hops in space inside the same time
line. Especially not now. She's too worried about Amy. I don't want us
to get lost away from this exact here and now by trying."

Rory slumped in his plaid shirt in stunned disbelief. "Is Amy in serious danger?"

The Doctor just looked at him with dull eyes. "Remember how the Pandorica
was for me when it opened?"
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"Well, let's go find her right now!" Rory said, shooting to his feet.
The Timelord leaped up likewise, grabbing his arm to stop him.

"Hey! Is everything all right with you guys?" shouted a voice from behind
them. It was Mike Stoker standing on the lawn. Station 51's garage door was
punched open with Marco and Chet both staring suspiciously at their two strange
visitors, from the driveway.

"It's Amy's folk!" stage whispered the Doctor to Rory. "We have to be careful
how we interact with them. They are pivotal to whatever paradox pitfall is
effecting her."

Rory whirled to face the firefighters. "Uh, yeah. Whatever gave you the idea
that anything was amiss?"

"That doctor has a medical bag in his hand and he's still looking right at you,
sir." the mild mannered firefighter said to Rory. "Is this some kind of crisis
house call going on?" asked Stoker. "If so, we've more medical gear inside the
bay if you need it. We can also get some paramedics en route by calling in a
still alarm for you."

The Timelord sputtered, "Ah.. Ooo, hhmm. yeah.. Rory's my patient, gentlemen,
uh, I mean firemen, sirs.  As you can see he's a bit stirred up mentally and
emotionally but that's going away. A spot of tea will set him firmly to rights
next, I should think. Got any?" he dangled, crossing the fingers of his free
hand behind his back and over his two hearts for luck on the diversionary tactic.

Chet finally frowned, scratching his head. "I think we do. Yeah.." said the
Irishman. "Left over from when that Brit M.D. rode along with our outfit
last year, don't we fellas?"

"Oh, that would be smashing!" said the Doctor, taking Rory's arm as if he
were guiding him.  "Lead the way. Thanks for the assist with my client."

Rory played along, his face twitching in irritation whenever he knew the firefighters
weren't looking. He spoke up. "Uh, if I do need to be evaluated further, where's the
nearest hospital I'd be taken to?"

"Rampart General." Marco replied. "It's just three miles that way in Torrance."

"Would you like another ambulance called, doctor?" Mike asked the Timelord.
"You just missed a ride that was taking one of our own in."

"No, that won't be necessary. Perhaps just the address. I...don't work in this
city as a practice." replied the Doctor. "I can take him in using my personal
...uh, conveyance. Won't be a problem."

"Our kitchen's right this way. We can kill two birds with one stone. Tea for
everybody plus writing down those directions to Rampart. Sound like a plan?"
Mike asked.

"Quite. Beats sitting out in the street in traffic. Somebody might get killed out
there." said the Doctor ominously, with dark humor.
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