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      The Urban Rangers
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In the High Country.

Johnny- Uh, can I give you a hand?

Julie- No, I'm fine.

Johnny- You sure, uh. I can give you a hand.

Julie- I'm sure. I'm almost through.

Johnny- Okay.

Julie- There we go.

Bear- Grrrr.

Johnny- You, uh, be careful.

Julie-  Come on! *banging rock against the bear trap*
         Come on, real quick. Go on. Go on. Go on! Get!
         Go on!

Bear-*snorts and runs out of the trap*

Julie- Go on!

Bear-*moans and makes an escape.*

Julie- Well, that's that.

Johnny- Yeah. Well, uh. What now?

Julie- I brought lunch.

Johnny- Here?

Julie- Sure. Why not?

Johnny- Well, uh. Julie, don't you think it's best if we kind of
           let the bear get out of smelling distance?

Julie- Johnny, there's nothing to worry about. He's had enough
        of people by now.

Johnny-(scoffing skepticism)

Julie walks him down to rocks by a creek and begins to set up a picnic basket.

Johnny-You know, this is very pretty country.

Image of sierra90.jpg

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At ranger station headquarters.

Matt- Good, that's fantastic. Thank you, doc. (hangs up phone). Well,
        cranial pressure's eased up. Doctor says our patient's doing fine.

Roy- Well, that equipment you didn't have wasn't so critical after all, was it?

Matt- No, but it could have been.

Johnny- Greetings. Greetings..

Roy- Where have you been?

Johnny- Uh, been getting dressed. I've a thing tonight.

Tim- With Julie.

Johnny- You bet. I figure a great afternoon should be
           followed by a fantastic evening.

Roy- Yep. Well, sorry to disappoint ya.

Johnny- What are you talking about?

Moore- Aren't you guys ready?

Johnny- Ready for what?

Roy- The mountain rescue school. You know, what we came up here for?

Johnny- Tonight?

P.J.-Well, in the morning.

Johnny- Oh, well I thought-

Moore- We've got to drive up tonight. We've tried to
           reach you all day but we couldn't seem to make
           a connection.

Tim- He was training.

Moore- Grab your stuff. Let's go.

P.J.- We'll meet you at the rescue cache later, all right?

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On a mountainside.. everybody is in climbing gear and red helmets.

Moore- Okay, folks. What we're covering today is simply timing fundamentals.
           No specific rescue stuff yet. I want you to feel comfortable. Completely
           at home on these cliffs. Then you can function as a rescuer. Now this is
           your climbing rope. And it's only for climbing. It's strong enough to support
          this whole class all at once. But I want you to treat it with the greatest respect.
          Don't step on it. First guy that does gets the heavier partner when we start
          to practice belaying. Okay, now for a few fundamental knots..

Time passes and the class of rangers and paramedics work the cliffs on their ropes.

Moore- Ready to climb? ( to Johnny on a ledge )

Johnny- Ready to climb. ( tosses down climbing rope he is anchoring at the top.)

Matt- Okay, climbing..

Moore- Okay, steady..(watching from the side) Yeah, that's good on the rope.

Matt- All right, falling.

Johnny- Go.  

Moore- Fall.

Johnny- Ugh! (helps Matt down using rope leverage)

Moore- Okay. Looks like you got that down. Let's start to work
           on free climb technique. (To Gage.) Good. Good, stand
           on the front. Put your elbow over. Weight on your--

Johnny- (falls off the outcropping and lands on his feet by Jack.)

Moore- (grinning) ...weight on your arm. Let's try it again.  

In another climbing spot, for a rope rappelling exercise.

Moore- That's right. Go ahead and lean out!  Lean hard against
           the rock. Remember, your back hand controls the rate
           of your descent.

Johnny- Okay, let's uh, let's show him this is one thing we know. (to Roy)

Moore- That's good. Right on. Looks like you fellas do all right. Now we'll
           show you how to go back up.

Johnny- Oh, yeah, well how are you going to do that?

P.J.- These are two Marre ascenders. They go up just like a ladder.

Moore-(showing everybody how it's done up the cliff and back down.) Clear on main?

Johnny- Yeah. Sensational. Let me try. (Johnny performs the same skill)

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Back at headquarters at the ranger station.

Tim- Do you have any Stybers? (working on climbing gear)

Moore- No.

Matt and Gage enter the room in mid story-

Johnny-   ..glad to go. It was intense. I mean.. you know, one minute
               you think you're gonna die and the next minute, I was sitting up
               on a rock, and I was thinking, if I just get out of this thing alive,
               I'll never climb again.

Matt- And once you got up to the top it was a whole 'nother story, right?

Johnny- Boy, it sure was. You know, the first thing I wanted to do when I
           got to the top was that I wanted to turn right around and go climb
           it again. I mean like right there.

Matt- Will you listen to this guy?

Roy- Well, we got two days off. For camping and climbing.

Tim- Yeah, I heard you were going up to Madeer Creek.

Roy- Yeah, how'd you know?

Tim- Julie told me.

Roy- Julie..

Johnny- I found out she was holding on the station up there. I thought maybe she'd uh..

Roy- You got a date with her?

Johnny- Yeah. One o'clock tomorrow afternoon. I mean we still have plenty of time to make
            a nice light climb. Heh.

Roy- There's nothing that can keep your mind off women?

Johnny- Yeah, probably. It's just that I haven't found it yet.(chuckling.)

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Image of spla3a3a.gif

At Madeer Creek at a campsite, inside of a dark tent.

Johnny-(getting into a sleeping bag) Oh, boy. I'm really gonna hate
           to leave here.

Roy- Yeah, me, too.

Johnny- Well, big day tomorrow. Hey, Roy, you know what?

Roy- Johnny?

Johnny- What?

Roy- Will you shut up? (trying to sleep in the next bag over.)

Johnny- Huh, well if you put it that way. (takes off shirt for sleep) Hey, Roy?

Roy- Now what?!

Johnny- 'Nite.

(crickets call. Then...)

Bear-Grrr (thud)

Johnny- What's that? ( shakes Roy awake) What's that? Listen.

Roy- What's what?

Johnny- Listen.

Bear- (rustling outside)  Grrrr.

Roy- Did you leave the food out?

Johnny- Oh, no. I forgot. Well, what are we going to do?

Roy- Just pray that he doesn't come in here.

Johnny- (Peeks out tent and sees the bear looking at him. He hides again, fast.)

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In the morning...

Johnny- You know we're gonna have to spring for a new stove.

Roy- At least he didn't get into the climbing gear.

Johnny- You know, I think I recognized that bear last night.

Roy- Yeah?

Johnny- Yeah, it had a little yellow right on its ear exactly like
           the one Julie and I transported the other day. Man, sure is
           a pest!

Roy- You're getting to be a little bit uptight about bears. I mean, you're
       not like you were a couple of days ago.

Johnny- Yeah, well. I suppose it's not the bear's fault. I guess I did leave
            the food out.

Roy- Yeah, I guess you're right.

Johnny- You know, uh, Julie gave me a lesson in bear appreciation.

Roy- Yeah? Uh. You sure learn a lot from girls.

Johnny- Yeah. (grinning)

Roy- What time's your date?

Johnny- One o'clock. We still have three hours left for a nice climb.

Roy- Yeah, well why don't we make it mild. You know, I'm not exactly a cragsman yet.

Johnny- (disbelieving noise) Don't worry about a thing, Roy.

Roy- Uh huh.

Johnny- Listen. In a couple of years, I can see it now. We'll be climbing
           Caine's Rock. Can you dig it? I mean there you are, you're belaying me.
           See? And I'm swinging like a pendulum from rock to rock. Oh, man.
           It's gonna be great.

Roy- Do you know where it is?

Some time later...

Johnny- Man, just getting to the climb's enough to waste ya.

Roy- Why don't we take a little break here?

Johnny- All right.

Fallen Climber out of sight- Help!

Image of sierra109.jpg Image of sierra108.jpg Image of sierra107.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif
Roy- Did you hear that? There's somebody over there.

Johnny- Nothing a lot that we can do.

Roy- I know.

Climber- Help!

Roy- (spotting the man down the bottom of a cliff) You badly hurt?!

Climber- Yes! Can't move!

Johnny- We can't get him up here ourselves.

Roy- No. I'd better go for some help. You stay here and keep his morale up.

Johnny- Yeah, that's about all I can do.

Roy- I'll make it as quick as I can. *running off*

Johnny-(calling down.) Hey! My partner's gone for help. It shouldn't be long.
          You're gonna be okay.

Climber- Please! My leg's broken! Please, it's killing me!

Johnny- How bad is it?

Climber- It's poking out my skin! Please, man. Do something!

Johnny (whispering) Oh, man. (Comes up with an idea to tie off on a tree to rappel down.)

Soon at the bottom....

Johnny- How long have you been here?  

Climber-(breathless) Since yesterday. I pulled a pike loose. Lost it.

Johnny- Alone?

Climber- Solo's my thing, man.

Johnny- Yeah. (examines the man) That's a bad break.

Climber- Tell me about it. Think you can do something?

Johnny- Yeah, I think so.

Image of sierra112.jpg Image of sierra110.jpg Image of sierra111.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif

(Roy, running down a rock face while carrying his helmet, trips and falls and rolls,
knocking himself unconscious against a crag and boulder.)

Image of sierra115.jpg Image of sierra114.jpg Image of sierra113.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif
Climber- It's been two hours.

Johnny-(taking man's pulse) Yeah, I know.

Climber- Well do you think you ought to go back up and check on him?

Johnny- Well, I really can't do that.

Climber- Why's that?

Johnny- You see, coming down here, I rappelled off the end of my rope.
            I can't reach it now.

Climber- Oh, great. Do you think you can free climb it?

Johnny- Uh, well. I've only had three days' lessons.

Climber- Don't try.

Johnny- Yeah, that's what I thought.

In headquarters at Madeer Creek, Julie Beck looks up at the clock showing
five after two in the afternoon.

(Roy still lies unconscious under the hot sun.)

(Meanwhile Johnny and the Climber are still waiting at the bottom of the cliff face.)

Image of sierra118.jpg Image of sierra117.jpg Image of sierra116.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif
(Julie grabs her horse and starts heading for Roy and Johnny's campsite. She finds
no one there.)

(An hour later, she finds Roy lying on the rocks and rushes to his side where he lay on
his back. She finds a pulse and breathing and then gets on the radio.)

Julie-Med One Five, this is Three One Three.

Radio-##Go ahead, 313.##

Image of sierra120.jpg Image of sierra121.jpg Image of sierra119.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif
Time passes and shows Roy being taken by stokes to a ranger car. He is still unconscious.

Tim- Easy on that. (as Roy is loaded inside.) Okay.

Julie- That's good. Okay.

The vehicle leaves for the hospital.

Matt- You know we're not going to be able to wait around for him to regain consciousness.

Tim- I just came up from Madeer, their climbing gear's gone.

Matt- Julie, do you have any idea about where they were going to go climbing?

Julie- They said something easy. Johnny and I were supposed to have a date
        at one o'clock.

Tim- That's a help. There are ten easy climbs around here they could have tried.

Matt- Then we're just going to have to cover them all. Let's go.


The Sierra Rangers run across the creek valley swiftly, searching.

Image of yosemitefalls.jpg

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Image of spla3a3a.gif
At Madeer Creek's cliff bottom.

Climber- Hey, I sure could use some water.

Johnny- Yeah, me, too.

Climber- Yep.


Matt, on foot- Hey Gage! John! *shrill whistle* Gage!

Johnny- Hey! Hey! Over here!  Here! ( He spots them.) Over here! Here! All right.

Tim- Hey, you waiting for somebody?

Johnny- (falling into the joke) Yeah, you seen any rangers around here?

Tim- I'll send one right down. (Notices Gage's gear) This rope's too short.
      When I go down, we pull on that one, and I'll belay this one here then.
Matt- Okay.

Tim- Gimme the pack.  Rope! ( as he tosses down their new line) Okay, you

Matt- Yeah.

Tim- Okay. On belay.

Matt- Go ahead down.

Tim- (To Johnny) I'll be down in a minute. (at the bottom) Give me a little slack, John.

Johnny- Well am I glad to see you.

Tim- I bet you are.

Johnny- Listen, he's got a compound fracture. I splinted it up best I could. Um, where's
           uh, where's Roy?

Tim- He took kind of a bad spill.

Johnny- Oh yeah?

Tim- Yeah. Julie's taking him to the hospital but he's gonna be okay though.

Johnny- Oh, okay.

Tim- Off belay!

Johnny- All right, uh, listen, you're the boss, what are we gonna do?
Image of sierra128.jpg

Image of sierra129.jpg Image of sierra125.jpg Image of sierra126.jpg

Image of spla3a3a.gif
Tim- Well, I'm gonna have to carry him up. I'll need you to give me a hand. Then you'll
       do Marre up afterwards.

Johnny- Great. Let's go.

Up on the cliff face top, Chief Jack Moore radios to all the searchers.

Moore- Attention search parties. This is 302. We've located Fireman Gage
          on Sheep's Head Dome. He's got an injured climber with him. We're
          gonna need help with the evacuation. Please report to the scene as
          soon as possible.

Matt (at the cliff top to arriving new rangers)- We're gonna need that rope. Go ahead
       and get a pike down for a belay. Tim's down there. He's got the man already

Rescue Party Ranger Jimmy Parker- Rope!

Tim- Okay, we're ready to move. Put some hand tension right here. Try to hold
      right around here. Keep your hands in.  (he tells the injured man) Now, it's
      gonna hurt some. We'll do our best, okay? (To Johnny) You ready?

Johnny- Yeah.

Tim- Up rope!  (burdened with the climber) Let's get him around now.

Johnny- Okay.

Tim- Can you get his lower body?

Johnny- Sure.

Tim- Swing him around.

(Slowly, Ranger Tim Cassidy gets the climber safely to the top using his patient
sling and his four pullers up at the top of the cliff.)
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Image of spla3a3a.gif
At the hospital, Roy with a wrapped head, rests in bed, the others
are surrounding him.

Roy- It sure is lucky you rangers know your way around this place.

Johnny- Well, by then, it's also lucky Julie sensed that there
           was trouble instead of me standing her up.

Roy- Now with you, what else would she think?

Johnny- Look. Don't knock it. She probaby saved both of our lives.
           Speaking of Julie...

Matt- Uh, forget it.

Johnny- Huh?

Tim- She's not available.

Johnny- Oh, ho. So you guys saw the light and decided to uh, step in
            on me, huh?

Tim- Don't I wish. You woke up a bunch of other guys and they went
       after her like a pack of wolves. Her social calendar's full for
       the next two months.
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(Nurse enters the room)

Matt- Hi, Kris.

Nurse Kris- Hi.

Roy- Hi.

(Nurse Kris adjusts Roy's pillows.)

Roy- Thanks.

(Nurse Kris leaves the room.)

Johnny turns to Roy- How long are you going to be here?

Roy- Two days.

Johnny- Two days? ( he rushes for the door after the nurse)

Matt- Gage. Unfortunately, she's married.

(Matt, Roy and Tim all laugh at Gage's sudden reaction of dismay.)

(Johnny closes the door with a disappointed finger and sulks.)

FIN   Sierra, The Urban Rangers

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                                           End Credits --  (Season Eight TV Special)
                                                  Sierra- The Urban Rangers  

                        :)       This episode is dedicated to Lee Holdridge, composer of that fantastic        :)
                            and most memorable title sequence for Sierra the TV series by John Denver
           :)   and sung by Denny Brooks.   And to the late, great James G. Richardson. (Brice/Tim Cassidy)    :)

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Sierra- The Urban Rangers  
(Emergency Crossover Episode)

TV Series: "Sierra" (1974)
Original Air Date:  24 October 1974 (Season 1, Episode 10)
Production #41315

Series Creator: R. A. Cinader and Michael Donovan

Directed by:  Roger Duchowny

Writer: Michael Donovan

Music: Lee Holdridge  
Lyrics: John Denver  
Singer: Denny Brooks


Episode Cast  

Lisa Silvester       ...      Nurse
Katherine Huger   ...      Campsite Woman
Susan Foster  ... Ranger Julie Beck
Jack Hogan  ... Chief Ranger Jack Moore

Jack Lucarelli  ... Rock Climber
Randolph Mantooth  ... Paramedic John Gage
James G. Richardson  ... Ranger Tim Cassidy
Ernest Thompson  ... Ranger Matt Harper
Kevin Tighe  ... Fireman Roy DeSoto
Michael Warren  ... Ranger P.J. Lewis
Sweet William and Mergy ...     (bears) Cruncher
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Produced by:
Bruce Johnson  ....     executive producer

Roland Wilson    ....     associate producer

National Park Service
Technical Advisor   ....    Jack Morehead

Cinematography by:
F. Bud Mautino    ....      director of photography

Music Department:
Denny Brooks  .... singer: theme music
John Denver  .... lyricist: theme music
Lee Holdridge  .... composer: theme music

Other crew:

Micheal Pociecha.... assistant animal supervisor
Ron Veto:  .... underwater diver

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

Scott U. Adam  .... second assistant director
Larry Powell  .... first assistant director
Skip Surguine  .... dga trainee
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