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Come hear a Theater Host talk on a Radio Show about
Emergency Theater Live, what it's all about and how it got
started.   The Radio Show is EMSLive, a paramedic
online radio show that airs every Tuesday night in Canada.
This appearance was June 22nd, 2004.

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  Emergency Theater Live Founder Interview on EMS Live Radio  

                       Debut Launch: June 22nd, 2004.


Location : Canada with tandem Chatroom Audience.

Radio Appearance of Patti Keiper, Emergency Theater Live
Founder, talking about the project and how it began.

**Transcribed by C. Meyers, Emergency Theater Live Host
                    French Seychelle Islands**


Part One

*Loud guitar jamming music and sirens*

ANNOUNCER- This is EMS Live. Welcome back, paramedics
from Newfoundland to British Columbia. From Maine to California.
From North America to Aisa, the Middle East and Europe. Welcome
to EMS Live. The voice of paramedics around the world. EMS
personnel  no longer separated by thousands of miles. Now, EMS
personnel from all over North America and the world are together.
EMSLive dot com.  Now, John Bignell and Darek DeSaunier. EMS
Live ....

**Jamming guitar and drum roll wrapping up**

Host- Hi. I'm John Bignell and this is EMSLive for Tuesday, June 22nd,

Host2- And we will also talk with Patti Keiper from Emergency Theater Live.
She's an  m-  EMT-basic who didn't quite make it out of the seventies. Or at least,
some part of her anyway,.. since she and a large group of dedicated fans continue
to produce new stories from the hit TV show, Emergency. I'm Darek DeSaunier
from EMS Live.


Host- ...but we have...something fun coming up now.

Host2- Yeah.

Host- Uh,,..

Host2- Sorry. I just wanted to get that in there.

Host- No definitely..

Host2- I had it...and wanted to highlight it.

Host- To use it.

Host2- Uh, but now we're going to be talking to Patti Keiper. And I
apologize if that's not how you pronounce her name. W-well, I will.

Host-She'll correct you shortly.

Host2- Yeah, we said, is uh, is a part of Emergency
Theater Live. They do fiction role play theater on ...the internet. And it's
an interactive role play scenario created by fans of the 1970's television
series Emergency. The online episodes are presented and written along
with real EMS and firefighting personnel working in the field.

Host- Well..

Host2- Hold on, we have a stinger here to do an introduction of something special.

*Stinger sound recording*-  Station 51's call tones.

Voice of the late L.A. County dispatcher Sam Lanier- Station 51. Engine 34. Engine 9.
Structure fire. *sounds of running feet on concrete and slamming truck doors* 46440 Miller
Canyon Road. 46440 Miller Canyon Road. *engines starting up* Cross street, Caine.
Time out, 15:45.

*Suspenseful strings and tuba music chord*

Voice of actor Mike Norell (Captain Stanley)- Station 51, KMG 365.

* music chord ending*

Host- All right.

Host2- Does anyone recognize who that was? Hi Patti, welcome to
the show.

PK- (Over the phone from Minnesota USA )
Hello. Thank you very much.

Host2- Did I pronounce you last name properly?

PK- Yes. My last name is Keiper.

Host2-Ok, *whew*

Host- Patti, Emergency ended..what? Thirty years ago?

PK- That's correct. It ended around 1976.  

Hosts (together)- Oh. Are you having a hard time letting that go?

PK- It was incredibly hard...

Hosts- *chuckling*

PK-....From what I understand, I was about eleven when the show
ended. And, uh, the network, I believe it was NBC, ended the show
at the height of its success.

Host2- Wh-

PK- ..It was one of the most top rated shows and POOF, they ended it.

Host-(sarcastically) Now why would you do that? Now.. there was some..

Host2- They like to leave on a high note.

Host- I suppose you could leave on a high note...

PK- Exactly...

Host2- But..

PK- I'm not sure if this is true, but they said, a television show called
The Love Boat took its place.

Host-(unpleasant surprise)*laughing* Oh, really?!


Host2- Well, I remember The Love Boat. You must have watched The Love

PK- Oh, that was interesting.

Host2- It wasn' wasn't as good as Emergency though.


Host2- I mean,...come on.

Host-,  you're doing something quite interesting. Now we have-
We talked about it a little bit, but I'm sure you can explain it a little
more clearly to our listeners.

PK- Sure. I'd be happy to do that.

Host2- All right. Emergency Theater Live? Can you tell us about that?

PK- Exactly. So, Emergency Theater Live started out as ...a play by email,
ah, storywriting role play ..on a email onelist. And what it was is that it started
out about four years ago in a completely different genre called Star Trek.
So we just had a bunch of people get together, and they started writing stories.
Someone would write a scene. Another person would add on to. And pretty soon,
we had episodes being created that ran for about two years. And then, interest in
that sort of died out in reading members, and we started focusing on another show,
Emergency. And, what happened after that, is that, interest grew phenomenally.
People came and said, Oh, this is a role play. It's a theater.. This is wonderful!
Pretty soon, we had a paramedic join. And they would read along and somebody
would have a question about something technical, EMS or firefighting. And another
reader would answer, on the email onelist, and they'd start answers and the
stories would progress and--. Here it is two years later, and we have ..episodes that are
going on, that people are writing, between EMS personnel , firefighters and fans of this
1970's show Emergency.

Host- So you've been able to keep the show..alive. Any prospects on uh, the show
coming back based on your scripts?

PK- Oh, there's absolutely no prospects.

Host2- *chuckling*

PK-..the rights to Emergen-*laugh*-cy belong to Mark VII Productions
and Universal. This is entirely volunteer. Just for fun.

Host- Oh yeah.. but it ..sounds like a LOT of fun.

PK- Oh yeah.

Host-...I was reading ...through one of the scripts, The...

PK- Uh huh. *listening*

Host...Blue..? What was it called... Why don't you tell me..

Host2- S-So where are the characters at now in these stories?
Are they ...

PK- The characters are at now, from what I understand. Uh, Kevin Tighe,
he played one of the title roles. He played the character of Roy DeSoto.


PK-  He drove the rescue squad, I don't know if you remember that.

Host- I watched it as a child. I-

PK- Yeah..

Host- But, uh..

PK- But he's done..a couple of feature films.  He's been in major movie
roles ever since. He's played bad guys. He's been on Star Trek Voyager.
Oh, the list is endless.

Host- Yeah, *indistinct word*

PK- There are websites out there that you can search on. Google. That
can tell you where the cast members are.

Host2- Oh, really?

PK- Umm. Hmm.

Host2- So.. in 1972, this- this show...debuted and..

PK- Exactly.

Host2- was, uh,  it was said to have uh, a great impact on our- our
on EMS in general. Before the show, paramedics didn't really exist
in the way the same way that they do now. Um,, I think, by the end of
the- the show's airing, uh, I read on one of your ..emails, that, 50% of the
ambulances in the United States had paramedics on it compared to
like..none or something before it started.

PK- Exactly.. when Emergency started out, that was basically the start
of the paramedic program. No one knew what a paramedic was. And
this television series, from my understanding, was the television series
that created interest within the public and government levels, about the
lack of the EMS. A part, they used to have, just ambulance attendants
come out and-- scoop up from an accident site and- they'd throw them
on a stretcher and take them in. They had no prehospital care whatsoever.

Host- Oh, yeah. Drive fast.

PK- umm hmm.

Host- That was, uh,..

PK- ....and this series was instrumental in creating those programs. Los
Angeles County was one of the first.

Host2- I think it uh, gives people perspective in what drove the interest in
the fact that, these were cool things. They were driving around fast. They were
doing a lot of...

PK- *laughing out loud*

Host2-...innovative stuff. And it was fun and a good TV show.

PK- It sure was.

Host- It..

PK-..the writing was s-

Host2- And then they realized, Wait a minute. This is fiction, but...
It could be reality.

PK- *Giggling*  It IS reality. I'm sure people understood it as ..common
interest. They'd look at it and go.. Hey! They're really doing something like
this? And the way Jack Webb, the producer of Emergency, presented the
format.. It made it exciting and I guess it was uh, one of the first "reality"
television shows.. that.. came into existence.

Host- I suppose you're right. Now were you re- were you supris-*giggle*-ed
at how your- your group took off?

PK- Oh, I was completely amazed! This started as just a hobby site for fun
amongst people that liked writing fan fiction. Apparently, it's a pretty big genre
on the internet, where people take a television show, and a set of characters
that they like, and ..they create a role play game and they share..stories. So
we were just....kicking around the idea of writing episodes because.....
Emergency was a good show and doesn't exist anywhere in syndication, or
on tape. And yeah, I was absolutely amazed. All these people would come and
and email in, going, Oh! Do you have more episodes? Do you have more

Host2- So how does this work? Do th- If I wanted to ..write my own episode,

Pk- Yeah?

Host2- Well, how w- what would I have to do here, to join and write,
own version?

PK- *delighted laughter*  How this works is..that ..on the Emergency Theater
Live website, there is a link that people can click, where they can see the
current episode in production. And this is being shown with images..
And what people write, up to the minute, with music. And they can read,
there, to see where the scene is left off on the particular episode that's going
on that month.. And what happens after that is there's a pre-production list that
you can sign up, it's on a email one list called YahooGroups. And..once you're on
this list, you can just read what a writer has already sent in on a scene with the
characters,  and then, write your OWN scene, and kick it off to the email list.
And, that will be included in the episode, and that will be updated.

Host- So it's kind of like..paragraphs?

PK-...and it keeps going..

Host-... kind of like paragraphs where one person writes a paragraph
and then I continue my paragraph? Is that, uh?

PK- Exactly. Exactly. It's like a fic- I think they call it a... round robin.

Host2- A round robin..

PK- ..story telling. yeah.

Host2- All right.*chuckle*

PK- Someone writes a scene and another continues where the last
left off, and so forth.

Host2- So is there a vote? Can I write like a horrible scene where
...all the guys of Squad 51,*creepy voice* die..?

Host- Yeah, now I see where John would do that.

PK-*rawkcious laughter*

Host2- And he's not a very good writer.

Host- I'd get kicked out. I'd get kicked out, right away.

PK- Oh, I don't know about getting kicked out right away, cause
the ..guidelines are really really simple.

Host2- Oh th-

PK- If you've seen it on the television show, Emergency...If it's
a character that you've seen, like Roy DeSoto or John Gage.
Or, if you are very familar with the series, it's what we call, canon.
Where it fits the facts, and the settings and the premise, and the EMS
protocol that was carried out on the show, that is acceptable, you can
do that. And when you- when people come to the pre-production email
onelist, there is an email that gets kicked out that has really really loose
guidelines about how to write. It's pretty open.

Host2- So we don't have to vote. Or there's no..

PK- Not at all. There's no pre-planning at all. You read a scene, you
add onto it, kick it off to the list to all the ..reading audience to see
where it goes, and then that's half the fun..

Host- So no fear of rejection then. That's- that's good for you, John.

PK- Yeah.

Host2-  Then I wanna join then. I won't be rejected..all right!

PK- Yeah? And if people have any questions about, Oh, I don't
know anything about firefighting, I'm not- I don't know that much
about emergency medicine.. We have a list of consultants...

Host- cool..

PK- ..that the readers and the new writers coming in, can ASK their
questions, get their answers and then they can add that to their scenes.
Write a scene and send that out.

Host2- Now in terms of the protocols.

PK- The protocols?

Host2- What uh, what were they doing....back then?

PK- They were doing 1970's protocol. They had old...
technology. The way that they delivered medications
were different. And so, some of the consultants that we
have, are FROM that time, and so, they can help..the readers
and the writers, get acclimated as to how things are. So on
the website, we have an online medical dictionary about..
the medications that were used in Emergency's time. And,
just general information like that so they can-- so the potential
writers, who are fans, can come on and say, Oh, I guess I can
write, I guess I can write...cause they have the help of the
consultants that we have, that are volunteers, and ...the medical

Host2- Do you have any ...people from uh, the show..or, part of the
cast that  uh?

PK- From the cast? Oh, no.

Host2-...helping out?

PK- But we have.... a couple of paramedic firefighters who were
working at the time Emergency came out for around thirty years.
And they're with the list.

Host- I'm sure Ron- We should talk to Ron Stewart. He was the
medical director..y-you know him well . ( at Darek host)

Host2- Well. I do. I do. He uh,...

Host-He was the--

Host- Did y-

Host2- He was the.. ( at Patti ) Did you- are you familiar with Ron Stewart?

PK- No, I'm not familiar at all.

Host2- Well, he used to be minister?

Host- Health minister..of Nova Scotia.

Host2- In Nova Scotia.. He also ...created the ...Center for Emergency
Medicine in

Host- In Pittsburg?

Host2- Yeah, western Pennsylvania. In Pittsburg.

PK- Oh, wow..

Host2- And he was the-- Well, I don't know if he created it.
He was ob-obviously the driving force. But I think that was his baby.

Host- And he was the medical director.

Host2- And then he was the medical director for Emergency, the show.

PK- Oh, nice!

Host2- Oh, yeah...

PK- It would be nice to meet him.

Host- Uh huh. So he was a Nova Scotian.

Host2- It was.. it was his proposal that evolved the Nova Scotian
system in the early nineties, uh, to where it's at today. Where
actually it's .....a ...system, it's a career.  

Host- Yeah and he was also part of the-

Host2-...EMS system.

Host- He's an amazing man. He uh, he's definitely
d-done a lot of stuff.

PK- Oh, I'd love to talk with him. He'd probably enjoy seeing
this little theater site.

Host- Oh, I'm sure he'd get a BIG kick out of it.

PK- *Delighted laughing*

Host2- That's exactly what I was thinking. He'll- he'd laugh at
it. He'd go, This is amazing.

PK- Oh sure. was thirty years ago!

Host- You need to get HIM as a consultant. We'd should.... try and...
hook that up.

PK- That would be fun.

Host- Oh, yeah, definitely..

PK- He'd- be- thrilled....

Host- (eager interruption) Do you get people from outsi--
from all around the world? What, uh, who's the farthest away?
And in farthest continent?

PK- The farthest away is the French Seychelle Islands. That's
the farthest away that we have on a member. We have a couple of
reading members that are from Germany. And...we have another
host who's in Belfast.

Host- Oh.

PK- And we have a couple.. That's the way we
can cover all the time zones and we can keep the site active and up
date, as soon as a writer sends in information.  So we have
a lot of fun things on the website. Uh, such as, uh, an Emergency
Scene Portrait Gallery where the ..readers that come in, they can go
and have themselves put in a ....picture... from a scene from Emergency
and that's in a gallery on the website.

Host- ( To Host2 ) Oh, that's right up ...

PK- We have a message board.

Host-...your alley.

PK- We have music's. That are featured.. on the episodes.
When you go in and click a banner to read an episode, there's
music that's donated ...from readers- They're midi files. And that
plays while you're reading and watching the pictures....

Host- Nice.

PK- ...that's kind of interesting.

Host2- Well, we have to say, your site's very busy, lots
of music with a lot of great stuff.... It's a fun site....

PK- Sure.

Host2- I  highly, d- uh, I highly recommend that everyone go
check it out.

PK- Oh yes! For the die hard Emergency fans. Yes, we
have made Emergency icons and cursors. You can
download those onto your computer. *laughter*

Host- Well!  I'm gonna have to do that straight away.

Host2- Is it- uh, I don't know if it was your organization, but
uh, it was in an email that I received...

PK- Uh hmm..

Host-..and it was people taking ..their pictures ...and inserting
them into scenes from Emergency...

Host2- Yeah, well that's what she just talked about.

Host- Oh. All right.

PK- Yeah. That's on the...Emergency Theater Live Homepage.
If you click that link ...that leads to the graphics site...

Host- So, uh..

PK- ..towards the middle of the page there's a camera that
you can click, and if you go there, it leads to that gallery. You'll
see a picture of all the readers and the theater hosts, being
put into scenes from Emergency. So I--

Host- Oh, I misunderstood what you're saying...

Host2- Uh, yeah, that came in an email ...for me...

PK- Yeah.

Host- That's quite a novel concept.

PK- Yeah, that was interesting. That was something that
was just idea that was developed about two months ago.
And interest in that alone ..has been soaring. It's all over.

Host2- Wow, yeah..

Host- You put on a--

Host2- I want a picture of ME driving squad 51.

PK- Ok. Do you know what you do? You-If --You're already
on the pre-production list so just send a photograph
the list ...and it'll be made.

Host2- All right!

PK- Yep.

Host- Now they actually have a Squad 51, still... uh..
down in Hollywood ..from what I understand.

PK- Yes, they do. I believe it's in the Los Angeles
County Fire Museum.. and that's the last I've heard of that.
And then, the engine 51, from one of the readers on the list,
is in Yosemite, and it's given another name- I think it's engine
number 7. And its fighting forest fires. And its still actively in
service, but I believe the squad is just on display now.

Host2- Why would they change the number? If you
actually had that fire truck and was fightin fires, you
would KEEP that number, wouldn't you?

PK- *chortling*

Host- Oh, yeah. I would.

Host2- I would.

PK- *laughing* Well I think they did that because there's
a real station 51 that was... on the Universal Studios grounds
...that actually had that call sign.. so I think...they had to change
it ...because it was the Park Service District. That's my

Host- All right. Well, we'll let- we'll let em get away
..with that this time I guess.

PK- Sure.

Host2- Logistically maybe, it wasn't possible but..
I'D still call it-

Host- So what are your- What are your plans? Are you
gonna- are you gonna take all the old TV shows and
and- start these little round-- what is it called round abouts?

PK- Round abouts? Well, what we're doing is  that, um- we take
the characters that we know, and the settings that we know
and just keep writing NEW episodes, so it doesn't really..
go over ..the old episodes that were on the TV shows.

Host- But uh,

PK- Making new ones.

Host- But uh, this concept. How long do y- How long do you
foresee...the Emergency run going.. You said uh,....

PK- The Emergency run going ?

Host- ..You said this Star Trek was ...two years?

PK- Yeah,..we projected about four years. We did about
four years with the ...Star Trek genre that we did earlier
while we were still developing this whole group of writers
and the concepts and the ideas. So, ..probably another two
years or so.

Host- Wow.

Host2- Do y- do y- see-

PK- We put out a new episode every month. Every
two months.

Host2- That was my next question. How long does it take
to go through a new- go through a new episode and- and
get it out there for the readers?

PK- It takes about one month to do that.

Host- Annnd...

PK- ...usually from the beginning of the month to the end
of a month, like we're doing- we're on episode 11 right now,

Host2- So what schedule?--

PK-..and it's called Shadows Of The Past.. And that started
June 1st. And it's expected to wrap up and- all the writing
that people send into the pre-production list, is expected to
be editted and put to music and images, and be completed
by June 30th.

Host2- Now, can you tell us a little bit about that episode,
and where they're at and what ...

PK- Sure!

Host2- ..and what's the next paragraph gonna say?

PK- I don't want to spoil too many things....

Host- Oh yeah.

PK.. or the plot design. But I'll tell you right now that..
The whole gang of station 51, uh, is in Santa Rosa County.
if you're familiar with the series, that is a rural community
and they try to go fishing. And in the episode, on the real
TV show, they  COULDN'T go fishing because they had all
these emergencies crop up, they had a fishing boat blow up,
fisher people were burned. Anyway, where they are now, in
Episode eleven, is brand new, is,.. they get to the campsite
and.. all the gang of 51 is sitting in a camper, and they're
on the side of a lake... and they meet this woman who's
at a cottage, and they just had a small problem... I'm not gonna
say what it is 'cause it's very funny.

Host- Ok.

Host2- *Chuckle *

PK- And they got invited up to the cottage right now,
because this episode is just beginning, and they meet
the Sheriff, that.. they met in the episode on the TV show.
And right now, the sheriff....has a frown on his face, in
the scene, where we're currently at, and something's wrong.
And that's where the last writer left off. And so we're just
waiting for the next writer to send in a scene, to continue
the episode.

Host- Now is- now is Johnny or Roy trying to date this
girl? Who is this girl...

PK- Exactly.

Host- Yeah.

PK- It's a shared role play writing. So what we do is ..
we have pauses. We wait for a fan writer come in and submit
a scene, and if that doesn't happen, we have one of our
volunteer staff writers come in and continue the story.

Host- Well, I just joined today.

PK- You did! I noticed..

Host- Oh yes..

PK- One of our hosts said that-- Darek? Right?

Host- Yep!

Pk- ..Yeah...said that you joined this morning.

Host- I did- I was uh, I wanted to look over the site
before- before coming on tonight at... uh, I've been busy
in the last- last week so..


Host-  I ...certainly d-didn't want to come in cold...

PK- Oh, no....

Host- But uh,

PK-'ll have some fun.

Host- But I read...some of the previous .....episodes
and...yeah, it looks like a ball. I'm-

PK-*chuckling*  Sure.

Host- I'm looking forward t- I'll add something.

PK- Yeah, we're trying to find more writers. Lately
it's been- We have a high percentage of readers. It
was the same during the years, that we were working
on Star Trek.  

Host- Right.

PK- Where we had a huge readership. But then the
writers would either feel intimated or they didn't understand
how the process worked. And that's how we honed down
the guidelines to make it really simple. So if you've seen it
on the show, you can write it!


Host2- Did they have monsters on the show?

PK- yeah... make things canon.

Host-( To John ) Do you wanna- Why? Do you wanna ..write?

Host2- I was thinking if you were at a
a cottage.. that you should have monsters... shouldn't you?

Host- Oh, Sasquatch...

PK- Yes!..

Host- You know what? We could have Sasquatch--

PK- So,.. Roy and Johnny are on the porch of this woman's
cottage. And they're facing the sheriff, with a ..frown on his
face, and he has something to say....

Host2- *getting into it* There's a sea monster in the lake!

PK- Yeah, ..something. *laughing*

Host- We should all--It shouldn't be here.

PK- Whatever you want the guys want to do. And then you can
kick out that scene, and then you see where the next writer picks

Host- That-

PK- That's what's neat about these episodes, 'cause
nothing's planned. So then, everything is eventually
pretezeled together because the staff writers go,
Ok, well, another writer wrote about this, so we'll tie that
in, in a later scene, and it's amazing the end of
the month, the whole episode is rounded out and well
formed. It works well !

Host2- So where d-

Host- Uh, we have a lot of people listening so, if they're
interested, how do they join and where do they need to
start from? What do- what do- Can you go through the
process of joining..this group so that ....they can become

PK- Yes. They can join by either going to the Emergency
Theater Live Homesite, which is, on a link that you can
see on the ....homepage at EMS Live dot com.

Host- Thanks for the plug.

PK- And uh, ..there is a ...picture of station 51 with a flag
flying with flames beneath it. And you can click that and
that will take you to the Yahoo Groups Homepage where
you can sign up on that list. And then, once you sign up
on our list, um, information is automatically sent out, once
the theater hosts approves the membership. All the information
you need to get started is ...sent you your inbox.

Host- Yes, I got a number of emails today.

PK- Um hmm.

Host- With all sorts of information. Including- including texts
of old shows and.. passwords in order to gain access those,

PK- Exactly, exactly...

Host- To the multi-media....part of it, right?

PK- And you'll get guidelines on how to write. You'll get
our consultants list. And you'll get a bunch of fun things like, we
send out like a screensaver that we found that's really good
that'll give you sounds ...and images.......

Host- Yeah, I'm gonna put that one on my web- on my
computer today.

Host2- You did?

Host- I did.

PK- And.. also on Emergency Theater Live, we have..
screensavers that were made and designed that match the
episodes that we're creating. We have three of them. One of
them was an award winning, Episode Six.,...anyway... uh,...

Host2- Hey go ahead, you gotta plug yourself.

PK- Sure!

Host- You won an award. Now what award was this?

PK- This was just... the ones that were voted by fan readers
coming in and they're saying, 'Ooo, yeah, The Golden Horn
was a really, really good script.'  It really didn't get, uh, formal
recognition. But, just ..within fandom and within fan fiction

Host- So you're taking these....screensavers and they-
and they have ...the pictures that conincide--

PK- Yep. Pictures, dialogue.. But... if you haven't read
the episode itself, don't download the screensavers first
'cause it will spoil the plotline for you ...because it will give
away what happened in the story.

Host- Oh. I know. I already did that...*mousy voice*


PK- Oh, no! *sympathy*

Host- Now what do I do?

PK- Ohh! *mock wailing*

Host- I haven't actually watched the
whole ..screensaver..

PK- Yeah?

Host- ..'cause I was working late and-
I didn't get to the screensaver...

PK- Yep..

Host- So..

PK- And the music that's on these episode
screensavers are identical to the ones that are
on the online episodes in the vault.

Host2- Pretty impressive. I hope that you get lots
of people joining and listening, from listening to our
show and I - I definitely think a sea monster is next.

PK- *chortling*

Host- W- We'll see. We'll see. I'll uh, I'm gonna- look into
writing- helping with..these episodes. I think it's a fun thing.

PK- Oh, that would be wonderful.

Host- Yeah. Now I ..

PK- Yeah, we're always looking for more writers.

Host-....I may not do a good job. It may- It sounds wonderful.

PK- We have a millio- we have a million people who are
volunteer consultants. We have nurses, doctors, hazmat captains,
firefighters, nursing students, paramedic students- They're all
on the consultants list. They're going.. Sure, we'll help.. And
then we have.. a million readers. We have, about three hundred
on the pre-production list ..who join in and they get the writing
the second it's sent in. And then we help people along as
soon as we can..

Host2- Now when you say a million...

PK- ...but...

Host- Are- are you just...

PK- ...yeah...*teasingly exaggerating*

Host- *missing the humor and joke * That's a large number.

PK- ....but very few writers...that sort of surprised us. We ....figured
we'd be able to get more help ...and we're simplifying,
that trying to come up with-- to ...

Hosts- It's three hundred and one now.

PK- ..make things easier ...and more fun.

Host2- It sounds like a great project and a lot of fun. A great way
for paramedics to- to vent uh, their life work..

PK- Exactly..

Host2- We've read a lot of great stories ...

PK- Exactly...

Host2- ....pertaining to.. Emergency episodes.

Host- And it's extremely creative and so I commend you for that.

PK- Thank you.

Host2- It sounds, uh...

PK- And they can do that vicariously because everyone who's in EMS
or most everyone, is already familiar with Emergency.

Host- Right.

PK-  And the characters are already developed, the settings are developed.
And... if you need references there's ....satellite feeds out there everywhere
that you can get ....and buy on Ebay even, to see episodes of Emergency.
'Cause like, Here at ...uh, voyagerliveaction com, which is the server
for Emergency Theater Live, we HAVE all the episodes of Emergency.
We've managed to procure that, so we have reference materials.

Host- Oh.. Nice.

PK- And if people have questions, we can research it and ..send it out
on the pre-production list for writers ..and readers.

Host- Well, there you go. Patti, thank you very much for talking with us
about Emergency. I'm sure--

PK- Thank you very much for having me on the show.

Host- Ah,, We...hope you enjoy continued success and I will ..see you...
on the website... well, I won't actually see you... but'll probably
see me.*chuckling*

PK- Yeah, I'll be there.

Host2- ...(joking) maybe the Sheriff met Darek...

PK- Yeah!  We have a catch phrase on the pre-production list,
Whenever a host signs off they usually say, I'll see you station side.

Host2- Station side? All right, we'll see you station side.

Host- All right, Patti. We'll see you station side.

PK- Thank you very much.

Host- Have a good night.

PK- Good night. (hanging up)

Host- And that was Patti Keiper from....

Host2- (same time as) ..Emergency Theater Live
Host-                               ...Emergency Theater Live

Host- That's right. That's a- that's a very creative idea.

Host2- Well, i--

Host- I'm all for it.

Host2- Well if it comes down to creativity.. it's a unique medium
that we can all, uh, ...that we can all chat with, that we can all join in,
and discuss uh, it- it's just...plain and simply, a lot of fun.

Host- Yeah, it's just nice. Eh,'s people getting together..
I mean think about h- how... think about all the people! S-she said
she said..a ...million people.. *still not getting the exaggeration joke*

Host2- We should've- We should've asked her  to name off all the
consultants. Can you start from 'A' ?....

Host- Ok, go!

Host2- We got time.

Host- *mock seriousness* I don't know if we've got that kind of time..

Host2- *foreign accent- finally getting the joke from Patti* A meeleeon peeeople.

Host- All right, so-*laughing* All right well, thanks a lot, everyone, for
joining us this week on EMS Live. This has been Darek DeSaunier..

Host2- And I'm John Bignell. Thank you for tuning in.

Host - We'll see you next week.

*Loud guitar jamming music and sirens*

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* Ending bump guitar jam music and drumming wrap up *


This is the END of Emergency Theater Live's radio show appearance at
EMS Live Online Paramedic Radio in Canada. The program originally aired
on June 22nd, 2004. All rights to this broadcast belong to and its
affliated company.

**Transcribed by C. Meyers, Emergency Theater Live Host French Seychelle Islands**

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