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This is a website for storing a writer's theater library of fanfiction devoted to all four TV Trek series shows.. It was an ongoing
writer's event that was begun Feb 3rd 2000, with members collectively writing Television episode style adventures for reading fans like you.
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Condolences for the thousands that died in the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania terrorists attacks in the USA. Leads to a tribute and journalist's photo page.
VOYAGERLIVEACTION honors the families, victims and heroic rescuers who saw the ugly face of terrorism on September 11, 2001 come to American soil.. Our thoughts and prayers go with you all.Click peace dove to see events. Not for small children to view, Portrays true events.
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Click the full moon to read Emergency Theater Live's debut first season episode.This role play game is still running and will complete 51 imaged soundtracked stories and six movie lengths by the end of year 2010.
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Leads to a firefighter paramedic role play game still actively producing fiction like this Trek game once did.
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