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Voyagerliveaction Star Trek
Patti as Dr. Crusher from NG
Version of Troi. Click photo to see bigger
Patti is the Ferengi in the middle
Patti as a Romulan
Patti in  two  versions of the Janeway hair. Click photo to see bun.
Doesn't she look like you,  Kate?
Click Kate to hear Patti SOUND like her
Patti as Dax  with a crew member and Myron as Riker.
You know I'm not really Kate Mulgrew right?
Patti gets a hug from a fan!
Patti as Kes, and Brian as Neelix.
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Popular character with conventions. Got asked a LOT of deep questions LOL!
Seventh Season Janeway Page to First Season Bun of Steel!  Click Kathryn's Oh my face to go to a wav file of Patti doing the voice and singing as Janeway..
Leads to a demo of Patti performing as Janeway for Hollywood Images Inc. Just download file labelled Janeway demo. Size 4.61 MB
Leads to Patti's agency.. Go there to hire Elvis for your next USA party! :)
Click me to see something really scary Heh heh heh.....
Contest winner!! At Creation Con Paramount event Minneapolis
Picture being a pretender captain and then meeting the real Harry and Tuvok.. Ahhhh!!!
Loved being evil.. Loved the hair even more...!!
The Grand Nagus!!   with Darth Maul and Jedi Knight..
Evan as Scotty and Patti as Beverly
Myron as Riker, Patti as Dax, and Paul as crewman
Click thumbnails below to see larger pics
Click the Borg Pyramid to see Janeway Borg!
This Hollywood Images Impersonator is...
Amiee  Jo   Former Voyagerliveaction member as Seven of Nine :)
New character, for 2002, T'Pol from the new Series Star Trek Enterprise..
Patti as T'Pol from the new series Enterprise.
Amiee Jo as Seven of Nine, Patti's friend..
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