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   Randy Mantooth in a Live Radio Interview in Canada 2004.

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  Randy Mantooth Interview on EMS Live Radio  

              Debut Launch: November 16, 2004.


  Location : Canada  with tandem Chatroom Audience
Transcribed by P. Keiper, Emergency Theater Live Host USA


Part One

*Loud guitar jamming music*

ANNOUNCER- This is EMS Live. Welcome back, paramedics
from Newfoundland to British Columbia. From Maine to California.
From North America to Aisa, the Middle East and Europe. Welcome
to EMS Live. The voice of paramedics around the world. EMS
personnel  no longer separated by thousands of miles. Now, EMS
personnel from all over North America and the world are together.
EMSLive dot com.  Now, John Bignell and Darek DeSaunier. EMS
Live ....

**Jamming guitar and drum roll wrapping up**

Host- .....As Johnny Gage on the 70's smash hit Emergency, Randy
Mantooth unwittingly influenced the future of EMS in the United States.
Will USAR1 have a similar effect on urban search and rescue? I guess
we'll all have to wa--


**ticking clock and news bump music ending and sirens**  

Host-....coming on, and...we have up coming...

Host2- Randy Mantooth, the guy we were waiting for..
The guy from Emergency.. That's gonna come up next. Join us for..
Randy Mantooth .....after this momentary break..

Lady's voice.. Lives of par--


*** Ending news bump music caribbean feel ***

Host- And we're back with EMSLive, I'm Darek DeSaunier with...

Host2- John Bignell...  

Host- We...are VERY excited to have.. our next guest.
He is... an actor, director, writer and producer and..

Host- ....and now he's on EMS Live.

Host2- Sure is..

Host- Did you watch Emergency?

Host2- I sure did.

Host- Excellent.

Host2- Yes..

Host- I think...everyone did. I.. On the Firefighter dot com forum, I
didn't get to all the forums but.., almost, I think it was something like
57% started their career based on watching that TV show.

Host2- Well, with 30 million viewers per week, I believe, it was extremely
influential. And, we welcome Randy Mantooth, now,.... to EMS Live.

Host- Welcome to the show, Randy.

RM- Ah,, thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Host2-  How do you wrap your head around the fact that
Emergency had such a profound influence on the EMS profession in
the 1970's?

RM- Well, I have to say that sometimes it's v-very *chuckling* difficult to
wrap my head around that. Uh.. ah.. Like I've always said, ah... y--, When
we were doing the show... We didn't know that.. uh,.. We didn't know that
we were having uh,..the impact that we were having on on- the uh,
emergency medicine america psyche.  

We were just mainly kids, uh, complaining, mostly about how early we
had to get up and go to work!

And, uh.. but uh, the show. I think it- I think it dawned on both Kevin and
I, uh, once the show wrapped..., uh, when we realized that uh, when we
first started the show, there were only eight paramedics in California
and they weren't even certified to do what they were trained to do. the- by the- time the show ended, seven years later, umm, uh,
most of America was between four and seven minutes away from uh,
emergency medicine in the field and I ..think it began to dawn on us ...
Oh, well, we were ..kind of involved in a very important show.

Host2- Modern medic-- modern medical TV shows have been around  
..for....quite a while but..., when you look at the advancements of the health
care profession. What made this one so special? What different?

RM- Well, I-I-I.. think it was the fact that was so brand new! Uh, th-the
concept uh, of paramedics just didn't EXIST...before that. I remember
when I first started the show, they told me that I was going to be playing..
uh,.  Johnny Gage, ...uh,.. firefighter/paramedic, the first thing I asked
was..What was a paramedic? Uh,..Because I, uh.. had certainly had
never heard of it before umm and uh, in fact I even said, Is that like
a -a doctor who parachutes on in?

Hosts- *laughing*

Host- I think a lot of people asked that question.

RM- Yeah, well you know, eh, To tell you the truth, we weren't
that *laughing* f-far off! Uh, w-we did kinda drop in all over but, uh,
out of helicopters every now and then, but, uh... I think was
uh, eh, th- that concept, th- the fact that uh, it didn't exist before.

And I think what was uh, also very instrumental in in.. uh, capturing
the imagination of, uh, ah, of america/


END Part One..

Part Two

RM-....of the time, with the fact that..uh, Bob Senator, the uh,
creator and the uh,..executive producer of the show, wanted to
make it as real as the- as he could possibly make it, given, you
know, given th- the time that we shot it in the 1970s. And NBC was
not used to, uh um, uh, having a show quite that real, on, eh, eh,
you know, their scripted shows and to delve more into the uh, into the
drama and uh, uh, Bob said, uh, the drama will follow. All we have to
do is be as realistic as possible. Uh, in fact, his mantra was , If it didn't
happen, uh, uh, we don't do it if the Los Angeles County Fire Department
doesn't do it, we don't do it. If the Los Angeles County Fire Department
doesn't use it, we won't use it. And as a result, uh, it gave it, uh, a bit
of uh, r-realistic uh, uh, taste to the show, th- that uh previously had
really not existed before.

Host- Randy we've got uh, oh, a number of people in our chat room,
who are just itching to ask you some questions. Ah, I think I'll start with
the training you received. They want to know a little bit about the training
you received for the show.

RM- Well, we had to take the uh, the *laughing* paramedic course. Um,
now uh, mind you, we didn't take the written course, uh. And we were, we
were just actors, that we kept telling them. Uh, we were just actors. W-why
do we have to take this course? And-and Bob, uh, uh, in his wisdom,
said, I don't want you learning all this stuff in front of the camera. I want
you to know as much as you possibly can, uh, before the cameras roll. So,
uh, when you start to do an IV, I want it to look real. When you, uh, when
you use the paddles, I want, uh, that to look as real as possible. And so,
we- we sort of took the physical course, uh, uh, actually started an IV, uh,
uh, on a real brave soul who actually let me.


RM- ...let me come within five feet of him with a needle. Umm, but we
were actually taking the courses and learning, uh, a whole 'nother
language! Uh, it might've-might as well been Russian to me I- uh, but
after a while you get, uh, y-you get pretty comfortable with the language.
You get pretty comfortable with uh, handling a lot of the, uh, medical
instruments and ah, and, as a r- and then- then of course, through the
seven years of the show, you really DID become very familiar with the, not
only the- the uh, paramedic uh, ah instruments that we were using, but, ah,
being a firefighter, too. We were actually, uh, we were the first people,
ever, to use the uh, jaws of life uh, ah, ah-on television. In fact, I was. It
was th- I, uh,  I've never h-held anything so heavy in my life. I- Uh, I
remember uh, th-the first time I used it. Uh, ah, I jammed it into the back
of a door of a big semi truck...


RM-..and umm, it slipped off the lip. And literally sent me flying. I didn't
even realize I was, uh, it had knocked me down, until I was just sitting
there with *laughing* this eighty pound heh, piece of machinery laying
in my lap, saying, What happened? Uh, uh, so we got to, uh, we got to
be on the cutting edge uh, of using, uh, a lot of equipment that was
brand new then, which is pretty- pretty old hat now.

Host- Well, uh, that's what made the show so special. The cutting edge

RM- Yeah. An-an-and, uh, at the time, uh, w-we, uh, w-when we were,
when we were first introducing a lot of this stuff, uh, uh, we were seeing it,
actually before a lot of, uh, ah, a good majority of the, uh, fire departments
all over the United States, had never even seen it, heard of it, an-and here
we were, uh..

Host2-..using it...

RM- ... blessed with uh, with uh, all this cutting edge technology. Ah, an-
uh, of course, uh, the people w-who made this stuff, knew that they had a
national audience. And uh, so they quickly provided it. And a, *chuckling*
and of course, Bob said, uh, Does the L-Los Angeles County Fire Department
use this?  He said, well, no, they don't. He said, well, you know, until they
use it, we can't use it. And so, all of the sudden, Los Angeles County Fire
Department found themselves, uh, *laughing*..

Host-...getting lots of new equipment!

RM-....*chuckling*..with a lot of, uh, with a lot of donated equipment! Uh,
an-an, uh, ey-uh, And then we would, uh, we would actually be able to use it
on the show at that point.  

Host2- Hey, a question coming from the World Without Borders chatroom.
Ambulance Al is asking, Was your character based on James O Page, the
late, James O Page?

RM- Uh, no, no, He wa- well, somebody said that, uh, that uh, the name of,
and I uh, had just heard this a couple of years ago, that the name was uh,
ah, name was uh, umm picked, uh, at first it was gonna be James
O Page/


END Part Two
Part Three

RM-  Umm, uh, and then James Page himself, uh,.. Jim
said that he didn't want that. And so, Jack Webb then changed the
name to uh.. Johnny Gage. But it wasn't based, on- on his, ah, on- on his
uh, his character. Or, if it was, it was certainly, uh- nn, it was news to me.

Host2- There's been a lot of ...seventies TV shows being made into
movies. Do you think Emergency will have a reunion or.. a two
thousand *indistinct word*

RM- *responding quickly* No. That I can- I can say quite clinically,
tha- that that, no, will never happen. N- Nobody *laughing*..You know,
I watched the reunion shows an-and all they do is depress me...


RM- Ah,..*laughing* uh, nobody wants to see, you know, Johnny Gage get
out there and go, *imitating an old man's voice* Hey, Roy! IV D5W. *
then in a normal voice* uh, you know...


RM-...Johnny and Roy... You just can't capture lightning in a bottle.
Don't even wanna try. Um, uh, we've w-we're not old enough, I mean,
w-we're too old to be paramedics now,..and, ah... Why would anybody
WANT it? Uh, because paramedics now, everybody knows what a
paramedic is.  And I wou- I think.. that it's seventy five percent of the
people, uh, out there, * sigh* listening out there are either paramedics,
or, they have been, uh, uh, *chuckling* rescued by a paramedic, or-or
treated by a paramedic, so, the only other reason to watch a reunion
show was- would be to see how, ah, ah,.. Johnny and, uh,
and Roy aged.

Host2- Now one of our chatters wants to know... the favorite aspect of
your ...character, the Johnny ...Gage character.

RM- Well, I think it was the fact that.. uh, uh, they let me be funny. Ah, uh,
and just, uh, and just turned me loose on that stuff. Uh, ah, and I had a-
I had a really good time. I was, I was..having a ball doing it.

Host2- It certainly would be exciting. We're going to take a moment, and
we're going to talk a little bit about some of your future projects. And
what's coming up, uh, next. Can you hold the line for a moment?

RM- Ok,.Yeah, absolutely.

Host- Great. And we'll be right back with... Randy Man(d)tooth..

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*Lively Carribean music and guitar*

Host- As Johnny Gage on the 1970's smash hit Emergency,
Randy Man(d)tooth unwittingly influenced the future of EMS in the
United States. Will USAR1 have..similar effects on urban search and
rescue? I guess we'll have to watch and find out.

RM-Well *chuckling* I certainly hope so. That's what we're going to
try to strive for. Um, uh, in the seventies, ah, uh, the paramedics w-, ah,  
was the new generation in...the uh, ah, next frontier, so to speak. And uh,
um, and somebody had approached me, actually my partner, who is the
executive producer of The Amazing Race. Um, ah, we were neighbors. And-
nnn- we still are neighbors, uh, in California, uh, , He came over and he said.
What do you think about doing a reunion? *laughing* And, of course uh, Kevin
and I made a vow, y-you  know, twenty years ago, that we would never do
a reunion...


RM- ...that we would let it, let it, ahh, uh, be...And let everybody just remember
it as it was. And, well, I said, no, absolutely not. It would be like capturing uh
* sighing*, lightning in a bottle and he said, well, there has to be... And I, and
I ..also said that, you know, the same thing I- I ..I had said before, that i-it ..just...
eh- there's nothing new about paramedics, there's nothing that we could.. we
could bring to the table that would be, uh, uh,  educational or- or entertaining.
And um, and he said, well, there has to be SOMEthing out there th-that's new
and innovative. And- and of course, I had still, uh, er..maintained a
relationship with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and, uh, and
a lot of the firefighters and- and, uh.. So I went and talked to them and- and
they all said th-the/


END Part Three

Part  Four

RM- edge, th-the new frontier, is USAR, urban search and rescue.
That it's it's really going to, uh,..uh, uh, h-have a real major impact on...ah,
the job description of firefighters. And, eh, o-once we looked into it, uh, we
saw that, yeah, indeed, uh, i-i-it is gonna have a major impact. And we saw
the, uh, the training that they go through and what they're training for. And,
uh, we decided this....would indeed make an incredible show. Uh, and it
would also educate, uh, eh, a-as well as entertain, just like Emergency did.
And, uh, that's what we're striving for at this point.

Host2- And how close are we to seeing you?

RM- Well, you know, I don't know, I- I.. it's hard for me to discuss it
because right now we're talking to two major, uh, networks, and I- I- I wish I
could tell you which ones they were...but I can't ,..uh, uh, and so,
we're hoping... that, uh, January, February and March, we're going to..
it's going to finally come, uh, come full circle and we're going to, uh,
probably know whether we're going to get picked up, uh, to do
a pilot or not. So, it looks like January, February or March, uh, right
along in there...we're going to have, uh, a major meeting. And, uh,
w-what I think the hesitancy is uh, for, uh, the networks, is that it is so
expensive. Uh, it's an expensive show to do. Emergency was very
expensive. And as we all know, that w-with everything ....going the way
of reality, because it is so cheap to do, uh, and people do watch it. Uh,..

Host- I don't.

RM-.....literally.. Uh, uh, uh, ..uh, you don't?

Host- No, I don't like reality TV. Darek likes it.

RM- I'm a..  well, good for you. Uh, you know, I ...because it really is
hurting scripted drama. And um, uh, and - and like I said, o-one of the
reasons why w-we're meeting with such difficulty, is that it is
an expensive show. You have a lot of equipment. And to do, ur-urban
search and rescue, to do U-SAR, you really do have to have major
events, um, in this day and age--that's what keeps people in front
of the television is ah, ehh  t-the bigger, the better. And of course, with
that comes a.. uh, a rather steep, uh, price tag. But, they also know
that, uh, ah, if it is, uh,, even if it is expensive, i-if it's a good
show, and people watch, that investment will be paid back.

Host- Now I're back with the L.A. County..
Fire Department, as you mentioned.

RM- Umm hmm.

Host-...You did ride alongs for Emergency. Can you tell us about
about your ride alongs for the U-SAR project?

RM- Uh, well, they been uh, they've been varied. Uh,..when we
first started out, uh, um, th- the..especially with Los Angeles
County, they only had one USAR unit, and by the time they showed
up, the regular fire department who was there, already had things i-in
control. Um, and so we got a lot of cancellations. So, we were getting
a little worried about that cause we thought, well, y-you can't have a show
about cancellations, uh, canceled calls.  And then, as they started to..
increase the money, and, uh, and of course, Los Angeles County is in
ah, sitting in a really great position, where they have the money to
uh, uh.. t-to do this. They, uh, went and got, um, u-uh, three Black Hawk
helicopters..and converted them over to, uh, fire..w-what they call.. uh, the

Image of helicopterfirehawk19inair.jpg Image of everydayrandybysquad.jpg

RM-(continued)..And so now, they're acting as a support, uh, base for U-SAR.
So, now all of the sudden, uh, and they've increased, threefold, the, uh,
the number of uh, uh..of units that, uh, that are responding now. So, NOW
the- the uh, the calls aren't getting canceled. They are showing up first.
And, uh, in.. of course, it's as, it's uh, it's as if the rescues they go on are
as varied as the calls we went on for Emergency. And they
go from the quite serious, to the ridiculous sometimes.  Uh, eh, i-it
there's no END to ways *laughing* people can find to get themselves
into a LOT of trouble. Ah, and of course, after they're rescued, t-they
become r-rather humorous. Ah, but when they're not rescued, then it becomes,
uh, it becomes a disaster. Uh, but uh, e-everybody should just thank God that
uh, there are people who train so hard.. These are almost like the Navy
Seals of the fire department. They train so hard and s- a-and and f-for
every contingency, that when they show up, rest assured, if they can't do
it, I don't know who can do it.

Host- Now you mention...Black Hawk helicopters...o-on your show. You're
...I understand you'll have.. paramedics on- on helicopters?

RM- Yes. Right, um. uh. On the uh, on the Blackhawk helicopters. They always
have uh, two paramedics on the show./


END Part Four

Image of helicopterfirehawk.jpg Image of helicopterdropswater.jpg Image of helicopterpilot.jpg

Part Five

RM- ...itself. I mean on the- on the helicopter itself. Umm and so once
a four man uh of USAR members.. uh run in. And-and and uh,
do the actual physical rescue. And uh, a lot of them .. a good vast
majority of them, are highly technical res- rescues. Once, uh, they're
secured, then uh, i-if,..if  they're in need of paramedics, then the
paramedics were also, uh, uh.. the crewmen on the--on the Blackhawks,
come in, stabilize in the field, and then..uh, uh.. then USAR  then evacuates
them, umm uh.. either by conventional methods with ambulances, and
if they're in the position where ambulances can't get to them, then they
will transport them as well. So it's a- it's a basically, it's a team of four
USARs, uh, USAR members. Uh, and then, uh, level four firefighters,
and then uh, Blackhawk helicopter uh, pilot, and then two paramedic, uh,
paramedic/firefighters, uh, in- in the helicopter itself.

Host- Now as the captain of this team, are you gonna be the- the
hard *ss or the father figure?

RM- I'm not entirely certain that uh- I'm actually gonna be in it.
Umm, being the executive producer and- and also one of the
writers.. uh, I- I don't know whether there's gonna be enough
time in the day for me to actually be in this thing. Uh, e- if I
do do it,.. I may just actually be.. a Chief. Um, uh.. who comes
in once a week and everybody h*ll or- or- or pats
everybody on the back. We haven't really decided. Our main..
our main objective is to get it sold. Uh, it's not so much as a
job opportunity for me as it is, as this passion that I have of,
uh, that I wanna see, um, uh, th- the credit given to firefighters
and paramedics and medics and- and- and EMTs, uh, t- to get
it back to the forefront without doing it in a soap op- on a soap
opera level. Uh, I want it to be a procedural show.  I so totally
believe, that uh, eh that's what, uh, America wants to watch.
I don't think too many people wanna ..know, you know, what your
sex life is outside of the station,  whether you're...a drunk and- uh,
whether or not you're an alcoholic and you're tryin to beat it. I -I just,
you know, that's hard for me to, e, uh, t- to think that that's what peop-
that's why people turn ...that on. I think why people turn on is they wanna
see something that they've never seen before. They wanna be
educated. What does USAR do?.. Who does it? How do they train?
Why do they do it? I think that's what people wanna watch. Uh, there's
enough, uh, you know.. uh, family and personal angst out there
in other shows that I don't think that, uh, it's really gonna serve
any greater purpose having- having this show y-you know,
talking about the ..foilbles of, uh, of the people, in their home life.
I think that they just wanna see the.. what do they do at work? Sort
of like Law and Order. Uh, you know, you don't- you never go home
uh, with these people and- and- and *laughing* view..their
problems at home. Basically, they're there to catch the bad guy
and to try em and- and- and  um, and put him in jail. A lot of it,
uh, ....a lot of these procedural shows are the same way. Ah, I
just...just show me what happens. And- and I wanna know who's
doing it, uh, but uh, it's not that important to me.

Host2- Ok, comment from M.L.C.E. Good for
Randy to create a show that does that. I agree with you a hundred
percent. It's good to see opposed to's style
dramas. Just show me the technical aspect of the show.

RM- Right. Right. And- and- and show them in a- in a true fashion
and make the characters ..real and believable.

Host2- In a question coming from John M, in our World Without Borders
Chatroom, would Randy entertain scripts from paramedics if the series
take-- takes off?

RM- Uh, yes. O- of course. Uh, uh, I- you know it really would depend
on the writers on the show and the um, uh, who's actually gonna be
the show runner. Uh, but yes, of course, but uh, it can't be a show about
paramedics, uh, eh, e- just about paramedics. Of course, y- you can't do
a show like this without having paramedics in it. But what it- what it
basically is going to really focus on, rescue.......But, but, in answer to
your question, ...absolutely, I would. Uh,.. i- if somebody wanted to
write uh, an unsolicted script, uh, I think uh, r- uh, I think it would be written,
and uh, and if there's, uh, value to it, I think that it would be taken very

Host- *taking a breath*


END Part Five

Part Six

Host2- Well, Randy. We certainly appreciate you ...coming
and joining us this evening, uh, and I don't share the views
of partner here about reality TV shows so if uh, if
you need a partner ....*deadpan*

RM- * hysterically laughing and coughing*

Host2-.....for The Amazing Race... You give me
a shout...

RM-*laughing to tears* Well, listen, uh, uh. My- my b-
you know, *inaudible word* as- as I speak, I was watching
it when you guys called. Uh, if it wasn't for the fact that my
partner and my, uh, and- and one of my best friends,.. He's
the executive producer on it, I wouldn't be watching it either.
I sat down and I said, ok, 'cause I knew I was going to have
to miss um, uh, I think it was Third Watch, uh, not Third Watch.
I think I was going to have to miss, uh, West Point. And I said
ok, I'll watch it. Uh, and I was sorta doing it as a- uh, as a favor,
and I got hooked on it. I got hooked on, uh, on uh, The Amazing
Race. But that's the only one I got hooked on.  

Host2-*chuckling* All right, well, that.. I guess I will..HAVE to
believe you in that. But, uh...

RM- *telling giggle*

Host2-....those reality shows are...quite addictive. You're
right. As...

RM- Yes, they can be.

Host- I haven't made it yet. I have not been addicted to it
yet so.. I'm gonna have to work with ya, Darek, and--

Host2- All right...


Host2- All right. How about this..(To Randy) Who do you think's
gonna win?

RM- What? On this- on this new one?

Host2- Yep.

RM- Uh, you know, I- I don't know because I just sat down
and I just kinda sooorta got acquainted with- and- and Screech
uh, uh, Screech will not tell me. Uh, r, uh, by the way my-my
partner's name is Amil Washington, and he's picked up the
nickname Screech over the years. And uh, and I always- He calls
me from the- from wherever he is, on the other side of the world,
and I said, where are you? And of course, *laugh* he can't tell me
and- and uh, I say well, give me hints. Give me hints!


RM-... and uh, he won't tell me what- uh,
Usually, at the beginning of every race, he'll have a dinner
over at his house and--  His wife.. and-and-and my wife and
everything will be sitting around the table and he'll hand out
the cards.... and he'll say ok, just by looking at their picture,
who do you think is gonna win? Well, we've been doing this
for three years... I have NEVER picked one right.

Host- *chuckling*

RM-..In fact, uh, the first year *laughing*..They were the very
first ones to be eliminated. And so, I - I don't even dare
hazard- hazard a guess.

Host2- Now where can people find you now? You're ...
on a soap opera?

RM- (interrupting eagerly) Right now I'm doing, yeah,
right now I'm doing- I'm in New York, and I'm doing, uh,
As The World Turns, uh, for CBS. And um, and I'll
doing that for the foreseeable future. It's really great to
be able to work, uh, uh, know, to be able to work
as an actor and uh, and still be able to concentrate, uh,
fully on a- on a ...a show that you're developing, uh. I
couldn't- I couldn't ask for a better role right now.

Host- And that's uh, all ...because you're a ..semi-recurring
character? Is that right? You uh..  

RM- Uh, nope. Nope. I'm one of the cast.

Host- Oh, ok. Sorry.

RM- I'm one of the cast.

Host-..I'm uh, ....I'm not up to date on my soaps.
Host2- (at the same time) He's not up to date on his soaps...

RM- I'm sorry? *not hearing clearly*

Host- I said I- I guess I'm not up to date on my soaps.

RM-*amused chortle* You know..They're just like reality
television. Be careful. When you watch one, they get
REAL addictive...

Host- All right. Annnnd....with that.. if you'd to see
USAR-1... Uh, you can.....go to....I- I understand your
website has some....information to...

RM- Yeah, yeah, uh...uh, what we try to do, uh, on
Randy Mantooth dot com is- is uh, is try to keep everybody
abreast of what- what exactly is happening with USAR..
Where it is..And uh, so just- just, you know, log onto
Randy Mantooth dot com and if there's anything new, I
constantly have them, um, uh, post any new information,
just to let everybody know what- uh, what the timeline is
looking like.

Host2- We look forward to February/January and ..hopefully
the launch of a new show..

RM- G*d, I hope so. Uh, you know, from your lips to God's


Host- Well thanks again for coming out tonight.

RM- Absolutely my favorite. My- and, uh, and-- Anytime you
guys uh, wanna- wanna call me just- just let me know in
advance and we'll do this again.

Host- Very good, we're- we're gonna take you up on that.

RM- All right. Very good.

Host- Yep.

RM- I don't- I don't say that entailing.

Host- * laughing* All right. Have a good night.

RM- All right. You, too. Thanks a lot.

Host- Bye now.

Host2- Thanks for joining us.

Host- *taking a big breath* Well,....that was Randy Mantooth.
And look at all the--

Host2- I- I'd have to say, ...


Host2-...all the people in the World Without Borders
Chatroom,.. Thank you for coming out. If we could ask them all,.. we
should've called Randy at the top of the hour...and get them
all in there because uh, certainly we could spent another hour
chatting with him. And I look for-- We'll definitely get him
on- when he gets this show up and running..and when he ....has
a response.. from these networks... then we'll keep you updated.
And keep you posted and--let everyone know about.. Randy's new

Host- And sorry to anyone who didn't get their question out.
We will see you the next time...hopefully. With that...we are
finished for yet, another week.

Host2- Another great show. Thank you for joining us, and...
we'll see you next week.

Host- I'm Darek DeSaunier with....

Host2- John Bignell.

Host- This was EMS Live for Tuesday, November 16th.

*Sirens noise starting up*


END Part Six

Part Seven

*Loud guitar jamming music*

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This is the END of Randy Mantooth's radio show appearance at EMS Live
Online Paramedic Radio in Canada. The program originally aired on Nov
16th, 2004. All rights to this broadcast belong to and its
affliated company.

**Transcribed by P. Keiper, Emergency Theater Live Host USA**


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