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Emergency Theater Live Main Character Gallery
Paramedic Johnny Gage           Paramedic Roy DeSoto
Captain Hank Stanley                Fireman Chet Kelly
Engineer Mike Stoker                 Fireman Marco Lopez
     Rampart Hospital Staff
Nurse Dixie McCall                Dr. Kelly Brackett
Dr. Joe Early                         Dr. Mike Morton
Main Sets on Series
Station 51
Vehicle Bay (the Shed)         The Kitchen (Breakroom)
The Bunkroom                      The Yard
Rampart Emergency
Main Hospital
Main Desk in Emergency               Base Station
Treatment Room                             Mayfair Ambulance
Equipment and Vehicles
Ward LaFrance Chemical Pumper and Dials
Rescue Squad & Oxygen Demand Valve Resuscitator
Defibrillator,Drugs, IVs, EKG, Splints, MAST Suit
Biophone (Communications)                  Handy Talkie (HT)
Stokes Stretcher/Ropes                         Rappelling Harnesses
Station 51 Mascots
Bonnie                                Henry                               Boot
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     Station 51 Crew
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Click the story banner to see a sample of the kind of new Emergency online stories we are creating.  51 longer ones have already been completed to date. Six movie length epics are pending as of March 2009.. The first of these will air  by May 2009.
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Click either manual to see an index of all of the equipment and vehicles used on Emergency in a very detailed format. Sites by Paul Keenleyside.
Link which leads to a preserved archive of a classic Emergency series website which indexes every medical prop or vehicle used on the series in great detail.
Faster user interface, Paul Keenleyside's wonderful series reference.