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Emergency Theater Live Screensavers
Voted by readers to be made into a screensaver. A Roy heavy episode that reads like a comic book.
Voted by visitors as the best dramatic Cap story. Reads like a comic book.
Juxtaposition- Episode 3, Season 1
The Golden Horn- Episode 6, Season 1
Written by Emergency Theater Live's Founder. A Roy Marco Chet episode. Reads like a comic.
Features the music and custom images from ETL episodes 1- 12 in a gallery.
Features the music and custom images from ETL episodes 13 through 23. Photo gallery.
Images and Music and sound wavs from the actual TV series for listening and viewing in a gallery.
Features the music and custom made images from ETL episodes 24- 34 in a scrolling gallery.
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The Face In The Mirror- Special Episode One
ETL Episodes Scenes Screensaver
ETL Episodes Scenes Screensaver 2
Emergency TV Series Screensaver
  ETL Episode Scenes Screensaver 3 
Features music and custom made images from ETL Emergency episodes 35 through 45.
  ETL Episode Scenes Screensaver 4 
Emergency TV Series Screensaver 2
This is the original screensaver famous from AAA screensavers, made by a fan, in a zip file. It has eighteen minutes of dialogue and many never before seen photos of Emergency behind the scenes, and Engine 51.  This screensaver is click and watch. Once you've opened it, just click the half moon computer icon to activate it. No installation required. Keep the two files in this folder together.