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Rampart General, was a madhouse.

Dixie McCall was in high gear, one trail of hair
falling over her face as she delegated a sudden
flood of incoming through her ward.

"What now?" she said of Station Eight's paramedic
team with their burden..

"We've got a drug overdose.. Don't know where
he managed to get it, but this guy's got all
the ear marks of meperedine toxicity. Brackett's
already ordered us to start Narcan. And we couldn't
get in an NG tube. He's been convulsing too much."
Gil replied.

"Oh, great. Treatment two.. Uh, Dr. Morton will be
there in a sec right after he deals with another
street gang type in with the same problem.."

Dixie was about to unwind for a few precious seconds
mentally when Station 10 rolled in. They were working
a full arrest.  "What do you got?"

"Police were chasing this guy for stealing an LA county
rescue squad. He didn't watch where he was running
by the harbor, hit his head, and fell into the water.
Took us over three minutes to fish him out."

"A squad? That explains everything. And from the way
he's tattooed, I'll just bet he's related to the other
five we've just received in house. Has the whole
world gone crazy tonight?"

"Must be.."

"Treatment Two.. Interrupt Brackett's arm laceration.
He's just making a row of stitches neat on another
biker type. He can handle your man." Dixie
said. She watched her orders being carried out and
then got onto the red phone to staffing. "Yeah,
This is McCall in Emergency. Could you send down
a doctor to finish handling a minor laceration in
Two? We've a code in. Thanks.." and she hung
up the phone.

Dixie looked up and began to wonder when the
night would ever end. "I hate full moons."

Dr. Early had saundered up to get from Dixie
the next patient in from the barrio neighborhood.
"Why? I think a full moon is romantic and very
beautiful. " he said in his calm soothing way.

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"Not when it's turning a street gang into
a pack of wild maniacs, it's not. A bunch of
them just made off with a rescue squad and they
had a heyday with the paramedic's drug box."
she groused.

"I know. I just pronounced one of them.."
Early said, rubbing his hand.

Both nurse and doctor fell into a somber mood.


Roy and Johnny and the rest of the gang were
all nursing steaming cups of old coffee around
the kitchen table. Only Martins seemed to
have enough energy to play tug of war with Bonnie.

"And that should do it boys.." Vince said.
"Your accounts here and the fact you finally
located a tape recorder should put the last
nail in the coffin on this gang's activity.

Gage winced. "Let's just hope its not for
a real one Vince. I don't want to find out that
anyone died here.. Thanks buddies.." he said,
giving the two officers a small grin as they
left the station.

Cap leaned back, already showered
and in a clean uniform, from his chaise lounge.
Bonnie came running over to tug at his shoes
in play, but for once, Hank didn't shove her
away. "I don't want to even know what Charlie
found with the squad when the police called him
out to tow it."

"Was it spray painted?" Chet asked.

"Don't know. Didn't you hear what I just said
Kelly? I don't WANT to know. It's bad enough
riding shotgun with another station's squad like
we're going to have to do for the rest
of the day..."

"Sorry Cap.." Chet said.

Marco suddenly set down the phone. "Hey
everyone! My mama heard on the news
about the squad being jacked and she and Mrs.
Bandido have made us some breakfast burritos
in sympathy. They're on their way now to drop
them off."

"Hey hey.." everyone smiled and the kitchen
burst into a more happier mood as the sound of
a rich meal that was imminent cheered them.

Bonnie barked, abandoning Hank's shoestrings
and ran around the table until she had
her dish in mouth. She sat up, begging.

The whole gang laughed.

It was fifteen minutes later. The burritos had arrived,
were utterly inhaled and the gang was now
splayed out on chairs and couchs completely at
ease with the world.

Then they heard the outer garage doors open
and saw Charlie backing the rescue truck into
its usual place with his tow truck.

Johnny gasped as he saw a peek of it through
the kitchen door.

The gang left newpapers and chairs to gather
round in the pullup garage in a cluster.

Roy opened up his mouth in shock
and said.........  

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From:  "ecrewgroupie" <>
Date:  Wed Oct 16, 2002  2:10 pm
Subject:  "Whew!"

"I can't believe it! Not a ding! Not a dent! Not a mark anywhere!"

"Whew!" his equally relieved partner exclaimed, as they finished  circling their seemingly unscathed vehicle, "We really lucked out! Man! We gotta be more careful from now on, though. We may not be so lucky next time."

"Repeat after me, gentlemen..." Charley coaxed, as he came stomping  stiffly up to the reckless pair. "There isn't going to BE a 'next time'!"

Squad 51's paramedics cringed and stood there looking like a couple of school boys being taken to task.

"I can't hear you..." Charley reminded the men, with a menacing glare.

"There isn't going to BE a 'next time'," the pair parroted and continued to avoid any contact with the angry mechanic's narrowed eyes.

Seemingly satisfied, the rescue truck's rescuer tossed their Captain the keys and began taking his leave. "Oh" he casually called back over his shoulder, "Before the two of you head off anywhere, you might wanna check out the side compartments..."

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From:  "Cory Anda" <>
Date:  Wed Oct 16, 2002  4:11 pm
Subject:  Helping Out

Johnny and the others watched Charley depart
with a little more fear for his seemingly
prophetic comment upon leaving, then
they usually had, of him.

Cap rubbed his nose, saundered over to a random
door of the squad's flanks. And pulled.

California kelp oozed out of the rappelling equipment
compartment and onto his shoes into a noodled

Bonnie started barking at it suspiciously.

Cap pursed his lips and said.
"Chet, you start on clearing out this litter
in here while Roy and John inventory what
equipment we still got left.." Hank ordered.

"Aww, cap.." Kelly protested.

"Aww, nothing.  Tell me you know every
single item in the paramedic inventory and
I'll let you trade places with Gage and DeSoto.
Do you?  I'm not hearing anything......"

"uh,,  not really Cap.." Chet mumbled.

"I rest my case. Now gentlemen. I suggest
we get to work. I don't know about you but
I'd rather burn some elbow grease getting
our squad compartments here back in order
than have station 8's here with Brice and company
aboard like they're scheduled to be doing
starting at 1300 if we can't be absolutely call
ready by then. Catch my drift..?"

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